Friday Freebie: 100th Day of School Activities

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100 Days Shape Graph by Fun Classroom Creations on Made By Teachers
Free graphing and shape recognition activity for the 100th day of school.

This is a wonderful activity for Kindergarten and 1st grade students. Children color the shapes, then they complete the graphing activity by counting the shapes in the 100 days of school picture. Have a great winter and February!

100th Day of School by Education to the Core on Teachers Pay Teachers
100th Day of School Free Graphic Organizer

If you like to celebrate the 100th Day with your kids, you will love this graphic organizer.

100th day of school by The Traveling Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers
100 Days of School Super Hero Awards – Editable
100th day of school

Thank you for your interest in this FREE sample of 100 Days – Super Hero Awards!

This is a sample freebie!

100th-day-of-school by Zoom Zoom Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers

Are you ready for the 100th day of school? Here are a few free activities for you to use with your class on the 100th day.

1. Students observe the front and back of a 100 dollar bill and record/draw their findings. You will need a 100 dollar bill to use this activity.

2. 100 CVC (consonant-short vowel-consonant) pattern words. There are 20 words for each of the five short vowels (A, E, I, O, and U) Print them on card-stock. Use them for reading and writing 100 words on the 100th day of school. The words could also be used for sorting according to an assigned attribute such as medial vowel (5 group sort) or the font style (2 group sort).

3. 100 Numeral Coloring Sheet – Students use crayons to decorate the numeral, 100.

100th Day of School by Let’s Learn S’more on Teachers Pay Teachers
100th Day of School themed book marks. Three different sets, one set for coloring.

100th Day of School by Simply Kinder on Teachers Pay Teachers
100th Day of School Free Hundred Charts and Activities. Your students will love these activities for the 100th Day!

Included in this download is:

Hundreds Charts
Hundred Hershey Kiss Hunt
Dressing like 100 Flyer
100 Counting Items Flyer
100th Day Snack

100th Day of School by GreatMinds123 on Teachers Pay Teachers
These are free 100th Day of School list making activities…

100th Day of School by From room 123 on Teachers Pay Teachers
100th day of school FREEBIE

Loving 100 Days of School:

Loving 100 Days of School: Celebrate 100 days of school with this fun printable for students to fill in the missing numbers as they count 100 days of school.

100th Day of School by Ms Makinson on Teachers Pay Teachers
100th Day of School – Writing Prompts

100th Day of School Free Writing Activity by The Lesson Plan Diva on Teachers Pay Teachers
These writing activities are great for the 100th Day of School!

100th Day of School by Michaela Almeida on Teachers Pay Teachers
This freebie includes 4 printables and two class reading challenges for the 100th day of school.

Printables: Students will need scissors, glue, pencils, colored pencils/crayons, and die.
-Decorate the Cupcakes
-Build an Ice Cream Cone
-How Many Words Can You Make?
-Race to 100

Reading Challenges: Use during in school silent reading, for nightly reading, or both! Start about 1 week before the 100th day.
-Read 100 Pages
-Read 100 Minutes

100th Day of School FREE Trail Mix Mats by Malia at Playdough to Plato on Teachers Pay Teachers
These free 100th day of school trail mix mats are great to use with big and little kids alike. For preschoolers, they’re a fun way to practice counting to ten. For kindergarteners and first graders, they’re a helpful visual for learning about skip counting and making groups of ten {a step toward multiplication}.

Just print the free 100th day of school trail mix mats, count out the goodies and munch away.

100th Day of School by Stacy Tessena on Teachers Pay Teachers
The 100th day is a time to celebrate. Here are a few printables to share with your class to help make the day a fun celebration. Check out the preview for all the wonderful pages you will receive.

100th Day of School Pizza Activity and Graph by Charlotte’s Clips on Teachers Pay Teachers
Free 100 Topping Pizza Printables including graph and an answer key. This is great math activity for 100th day of school, pizza parties, or motivational strategies.

100th day of school! on Welcome to Room 36
The 100th day of school is almost here! Time to celebrate. Here are a few activities ready for download…

100 Days of School – Free Printable on Teaching Heart Blog
How about a free printable from our newest 100 days packet? Here is a 100 Days News Letter from the packet!!!




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