How Elf on a Shelf almost ruined Christmas

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Elf on a Shelf
Last year our Elf on a Shelf, Tinsel arrived. There was much fun and excitement before Christmas and the children loved it. This year Pixie told me she was scared of Tinsel and didn’t want him to come visit us because she doesn’t like that he watches her and flies around the house when no one is looking.

It really freaked her out.

Papa and I then decided to tell her the truth and to show her that Tinsel was just a toy that I had hidden away in my closet. She was petrified when I took him out of the box and wouldn’t even touch him. It was heart breaking. We then had to break the news to Koko and Fifi, who weren’t impressed with me for lying to them about it. While Koko was fine, Fifi took it badly and wanted to know why we had lied to them. Explaining to them that it was just to make the countdown to Christmas a little more exciting, she seemed to settle down… eventually.

And then we got asked the questions, IS SANTA REAL? Is the Tooth Fairy real? What about the Easter Bunny?

I refused to lie to them, and told them that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny were just fun things adults did for children for these occasions. Daddy is Santa (that’s why he hands out gifts on Christmas morning, Momma and Daddy are the Tooth Fairy and Momma is the Easter Bunny. We had 3 very sad children in our home that day. They had to grow up very fast.

We have decided that since they know Tinsel isn’t real, that they got to choose what Tinsel did every night. Each child, including Noo, gpt a turn to have him do something special, naughty, etc. The kids had loads of fun leading up to Christmas getting Tinsel to do their bidding and it made Pixie so much happier knowing that he is just a toy and not some magical Peeping Tom that is stalking her.

We forget that our children are sensitive creatures and that, while some think its fun, others might be freaked out about it. While I think its great that we like to add a little magic to Christmas for our children, we need to be honest when they ask the questions, or it may come back to bite us. Parenting can be hard sometimes, but lying to our children when they ask pointed questions about things like this is something I learned a lot about on this particular day.

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Tinsel the Elf on the Shelf has arrived!

This post may contain affiliate links which help support my family. Thank you for stopping by.

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Meet Tinsel the Elf


He has come to keep an eye on kidlets during the month of December.

What is Elf on the Shelf?

Children and adults alike love the magic of Christmas and it’s traditions. with it, Each family has their own traditions so why not get your own ELF ON THE SHELF today to begin this really exciting and special tradition in your family.

ELF ON THE SHELF is a a little toy character that appears in your home round the 1st of December. Once you have given your Elf a name Santa’s little helper watches if the children are being naughty or nice and “reports” to Santa whilst they are asleep. He has magical powers as you will find out. He can listen to the children and can even take messages back to Santa on the North Pole. He returns each day before day break and is found by the very excited children in a different part of the house to where they left him when thy went to bed. Children love to wake up and race around looking for their specially named elf each morning.
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