Today’s lesson

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Today’s lesson just proves how much Noo LOVES math. He is breezing through his Gr 0 (kindergarten) math so I’ve decided to carry on with the curriculum into the Gr 1 math.  No sense in stopping if he enjoys it so much.  He is thrilled everytime he works out a sum by himself, which is 99 % of the time, and its correct.  I think its time to finish this years math and start on his Gr 1 workbooks 🙂  Noo got 93 % for his math worksheets today.  I’m so proud.

He did really well with his writing today too.  We just need to work on his phonics, letter recognition and his sounding out.

We had our first science lessons today.  Seasons.  I was shocked to realise that Noo did not know what happens during these seasons to trees.  He knows there are 4 seasons: ie Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, but what happens during these seasons is a mystery to him 🙁 


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