Specialist Appointment Update

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We had a very good chat to his surgeon and we discovered that Noo has entercolitis again. Its a sever viral infection in the lining of the intestine. He has been put on Flagyl antibiotics for the next 30 days as well as Imodium syrup to firm up his chronic watery stool (sorry TMI) due to the fact that he had a total collectomy (they removed his entire colon) when he was 19 days old. The doctor says that the incontinence is most probably caused by the entercolitis and that the Flagyl should clear it up. We are due to go back on July 8th.

Regarding the cecostomy, Noo isn’t a suitable candidate because he has no colon. I’m glad I chatted to him about it though. At least I know we are doing everything possible to give Noo the quality of life he deserves.

Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers today.