Sponge Painting

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I got this wonderful idea after reading The Attached Mama blog

Materials Needed:

Sponges or foam
Tempera Paint
Flat saucers or dishes
Construction paper

Use scissors to cut sponges into interesting shapes. You might cut out alphabet letters, numbers, geometric shapes, animals, spaceships, or whatever your child likes. You can also use foam instead of sponges – it is available at hardware, craft, and fabric stores in large sheets.

Dilute liquid tempera paint with water. Pour small amounts of different colors in saucers. Let the kids press the sponges into saucers of paint, then onto large sheets of construction paper to make designs. Have them write their names, create landscapes, or tell a story with their sponge shapes.

Creative Options

Have the kids repeat the same shapes over and over to make wrapping paper. Or, make greeting cards, picture frames, or place mats.

Trouble-Shooting Tips

Ask the kids to keep sponges on the paper. Keep the activity contained at a table covered with newspapers.