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Practica is a completely comprehensive programme, which offers parents more than 4000 age-appropriate games and activities to play with their child from birth to 7 years old. These games focus specifically on the balanced development of all 50 the skills needed for school readiness, while providing unlimited family fun times. The programme is available in English and Afrikaans.

I bought the Practica system when Noo was 3 years old and instantly fell in love with it and when I was pregnant with Koko I bought their Pre-Birth Programme and subsequently used it in my pregnancy with Fifi.

Practica can be used from pregnancy right up to 7 years old. The manual is the heart of the Practica programme and contains thousands of ready-to-play games. All you need do is page to the age of your child and start playing! Games are described practically and easily, informing parents which skill is being developed or practiced in each game.

The whole programme is packed in an attractive, durable wooden toy box (Approx 81x32x44cm – size of old army trunks). Apparatus are of a high quality and most are packed in durable wooden boxes with sliding lids and plastic bottles. Many of the items and all of the cards are unique to Practica and not available elsewhere. Cards are all laminated and will not tear or become dirty. The activities in the Parents’ Manual make use of all the apparatus over the whole 7-year period that Practica is used, ensuring maximum value for money and overall balance in development which is not achieved by buying ‘loose’ toys.