Tot School Planning

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Tot School

Koko is 31 months old


Practica Activities: Age Range – 2 – 3 years

This week we will be doing the following (from the Practica Parent’s Manual)

1. Major Muscles and Co-ordination

Balance and Laterality (Chapter 7.1.6, 10 & 29)

2. Fine muscles and Art

Hand-eye coordination (drawing & threading)
Manual dexterity/Creativity (play-dough & sand play)

3. Visual Perception

Colour Consistancy/perception (Colour of the day)
Visual Closure (shapes)

4. Auditory Perception

Auditory discrimination/conceptualising/association (loud/soft, object sounds)

5. Mathematical

Counting to 10

6. Language and Thinking

Classification (Chapter 7.6.2)
Active Language Development (Chapter 7.6.6 & 24)