Bulletin Board

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I have been umming and aahing about how to make a focus board for our monthly themes. I eventually decided that I needed to get a styrofoam sheet and just make one. It worked out so inexpensive too.

What you need:
1m x 1.5m styrofoam sheet
1 old sheet, cut to size (ie wrap around the sheet, back and front)
Stapler and staples

Lay the styrofoam sheet on top of the sheet/fabric

Fold the fabric over one side and staple it onto the styrofoam sheet, fold over the other side of the fabric, tightly, and do the same

Fold the fabric at the top and bottom of the styrofoam sheet as you would when wrapping a gift and staple

Your end result:

Use drawing pins (thumb tacks?) to mount your printouts/notes/maps and viola, one inexpensive bulletin board
I used nylon string to make a hook on the back so it can be hung up on the wall.

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

This project was submitted to:
 Dewey's Showcase at the Stay at Home Librarian