Baby Bumble Update

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27 weeks 2 days
We got a really nice shot of her face during our ultra sound on Friday morning.

Last week Thursday I was admitted to hospital for premature labour (I was 27 weeks 1 day pregnant). I had been experiencing cramps the whole day, but thought they were Braxton Hicks (my BH have always been slightly painful, but these were different). Fifi and I had gone shopping to get Bumble some premature clothing. Koko and Fifi were both small babies and I wanted to get at least 1 or 2 outfits for her to wear home in case she was tiny like the younger siblings. When Papa Steve came to fetch us, I don’t drive, I started cramping and walking made them much worse, but when we got home, I got into bed and tried to “sleep it off”. That night I called the hospital Labour and Delivery Ward to confirm that it was just Braxton Hicks and they suggested I go in to be monitored just in case. Good thing I took their advice. My father-in-law came to watch the kidlets and off we went.

When we got to the hospital I was monitored and wasn’t having contractions, but was in extreme pain. My belly was tender to the touch and my doctor decided to keep me over night. I got a Pethadine and Atterax shot, which burns to high Heaven btw, and Papa Steve went home and I went to sleep. I didn’t sleep well that night as around 2 the pain woke me up.

The following morning my doctor came to see me and decided I needed an ultrasound, so off I went to his rooms. It was to painful to sit so they shuffled me right through to his examination room so I could sit. Bumble is doing very well, she is growing and healthy but she is laying on my previous c-sec scar causing my cervix to start to thin which is irritating my uterus. I was put onto Utrogestan (progesterone), Venteze (muscle relaxant also used by asthmatics) to help relax the uterus and an antibiotic (penicillin) as my white blood cells were a little high and they suspected an infection. By Sunday the uterus medications weren’t working and I was then put onto a Ventolin (another brand for Venteze) IV to speed up the process. By Monday morning I was in no more pain and my belly was no longer tender to the touch.

The doctor was happy with my progress but warned to take it easy and to stay on bed rest till my next appointment on July 15th.

We are very grateful that Baby Bumble is healthy and growing. Now if only I can shake the cold I caught while I was in hospital, LOL, good thing I’m on antibiotics already.