Monster Munchies Tutorial: Cheese, Chicken and Cucumber Rollups

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I found this really cute idea on Pinterest last night and thought I’d make my own version since Koko is such a fussy eater. I don’t make different meals for my kids. I may leave off an ingredient, like the cucumber I left of Koko’s lunch today, but my children know they eat what they are served. There will only be seconds if all their food is eaten and I don’t offer an alternative if they don’t eat their food.

Today the kidlets had cheese, chicken and cucumber rollups. This is how I made them.

8 slices of brown bread, crusts removed
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated (shredded)
1 cup chicken breast, cubed
6 cucumber julienne sticks
Margarine (can be substituted with cream cheese or unsalted butter)

1. With a rolling pin, roll out each slice of bread, as flat as possible in the shape of a rectangle.
2. Thinly butter the rolled out slices.
3. On the shortest side, place the cheese, chicken and cucumber (as pictured below).
4. Tightly roll the bread, from the side with the filling, into a sushi shape.
5. Cut in half and pierce with a food pick or a tooth pick.
6. Serve with yoghurt and a cheese wedge.

Noo’s lunch
4 skewered rollups, cheese wedge and mixed fruit yoghurt

Fifi and Koko’s Lunch
2 skewered rollups, cheese wedge and banana yoghurt

Pixie had a cucumber stick, chicken cubes and a cheese wedge. She does not get a food pick.


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