Noo’s Appointment with Prof Peter Beale

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This morning Noo had his followup appointment with Prof Peter Beale. We discussed his ER visit. It was a productive appointment. He said to not do the daily washouts and the ER doctor had suggested.

He is concerned that Noo is still showing signs of enterocolitis at his age (he is 10.5), he should have outgrown that by now.

We have decided on the following treatment for the next three weeks:
1. Imodium tablets, 1 tablet 3 times a day. This is to help firm up his stools.
2. Nexium, 1 sachet/tablet in the mornings. This is to eliminate the acidity in his stools.
3. Flagyl antibiotic. 200mg tablet in the mornings (after meal) for the next 3 weeks to fight off the enterocolitis infection.

I need to monitor his stools according to the Bristol Stool chart (see bottom of page). Hopefully they firm up.

He also said that we need to expect that he will have bowel obstructions from time to time. He seemed happy that they don’t occur often and that this had been his first obstruction in a very long time. I can’t remember the last time we took him to the ER due to an obstruction, it was before Koko was born. That is definitely a good sign.

We have another appointment with Prof Peter Beale on 7 November. I’ll update again after that appointment.

I am very happy that he does not need to go into theatre again for a dilatation and polyp removal.


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