Science: “Hatching” dinosaur eggs

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Our Poppins Book Nook theme for May is Dinosaurs. My brother and his partner visited Canada in January (they are immigrating there with in the next month or so) and came back with these boxes of dinosaur “eggs” for Koko and Fifi. I put them away and totally forgot about them! I happened to stumble across them while looking for something totally unrelated to this theme, LOL.
Dinosaur eggs photo IMG_7370_zpse3fa1e5f.jpg

We documented the process each morning. Unfortunately, this experiment didn’t work out as planned.

Day 1:
Prepping the recycled instant coffee bottle we are using to grow the dinosaurs. Here is the “grass” that came with the eggs
"grass" from the eggs photo IMG_7371_zps8bc99cd7.jpg

Fifi with her eggs
Fifi and her eggs photo IMG_7373_zps44fb5201.jpg

Koko with his eggs
Koko and his eggs photo IMG_7378_zpsf5ab5f03.jpg

Fifi popping her eggs in the bottle of water
Popping the eggs in photo IMG_7376_zps9acc0fef.jpg

Fifi’s eggs
Fifi's eggs photo IMG_7377_zps77ed8271.jpg

Koko popping his eggs in the bottle of water
Popping the eggs in photo IMG_7379_zps0dbb1904.jpg

Koko’s eggs
Koko's eggs photo IMG_7383_zps914d3153.jpg

Day 2:
Eggs starting to “hatch”
 photo IMG_7392_zpsf6fda727.jpg

Day 3:
Hmm, the dinosaurs are looking rather strange
day 3 photo IMG_7394_zpsc2620747.jpg

The dinosaurs look like they melted 🙁 I have a feeling my water may have been a touch hotter than the 35*C they recommend.
Day 3 photo IMG_7398_zps8a127520.jpg