The end of Grade R

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Koko finished Grade R (South Africa’s version of Kindergarten) and I got all my documentation completed on Friday. Koko is officially done with the Clonard curriculum. I’m very proud of him. We have ordered, and paid for, the Grade 1 curriculum. Once they have received Koko’s assessments and all the accompanying documentation, our Grade 1 Curriculum will be sent to us.

Until then, I’ve made him Monster Workbooks (post on that coming soon) that he will be working on in the mean time as well as additional resources pulled from the internet (Thank you Pinterest!!!) while I get reacquainted with the Grade 1 Curriculum and plan our new school year. Koko will officially start Grade 1 on 1 October 2013, which is also the start of the Provincial Schools 4th term. So we are technically 1 term ahead of main stream schooling. Our Summer/Christmas holiday will start on 4 December 2013 and we’ll start up again on 15 January 2014 (start of the Provincial School 1st term).

During this time I am also going to start Planning Fifi’s new school year. I want them to start on the same day. She’ll be starting Pre-K in October.

Pixie will still be working on Totschool activities which will be planned during this time too.

I am so so excited to get the new school year planned. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!!!