2013/2014 Planning ~ Grade 1 Curriculum

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Koko finished Grade R in the middle of August and I since been busy sorting out our school area and new school routine. Our curriculum arrived yesterday and I am quite chuffed that I can now officially get started on planning our first term, which starts on October 1st.

 photo 20130910_123619_zps16d6ed6e.jpg

This is everything he requires for the year (I didn’t order counters again as we have from previous curriculum purchases).

Reading (There are a total of 43 readers for Grade 1)
 photo 20130910_122918_zps0312ec3e.jpg

English (The Lotto cards are essentially flashcard words with corresponding pictures)
 photo 20130910_123219_zps0c172e8d.jpg

 photo 20130910_123132_zps5f96a5c5.jpg

Miscellaneous Subjects (The flash cards belong with the Maths books)
 photo 20130910_123300_zps070aa009.jpg

Additional items in the box
 photo 20130910_122714_zpsa36be927.jpg

My Curriculum Manual, Admin and Continuous Assessment Forms (which gets sent in at the end of the school year)
 photo 20130910_123410_zps249764a3.jpg

The girls also wanted a photo with the curriculum box, LOL
 photo 20130910_123654_zpsa03668a7.jpg




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