Koko, Fifi and Pixie’s vacation ~ Week 1

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Koko, Fifi and Pixie have been on vacation with my mom since my operation and they are having a huge amount of fun out at my mom’s in the Kalahari dessert.

They got to meet my maternal aunt and her children on the way. Fifi and Cousin L bonded almost immediately, I believe, Pixie and Cousin N were inseparable and Koko and Aunty Sha spent the whole day having fun together.
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They slept over at my maternal uncles house that night, since its half way between Johannesburg and my mom’s. They call him Grampa-Uncle Neil, he loves it and he treated them with fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast. My kids must have been in heaven.
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On the last stretch to my mom’s they stopped for milkshakes, soda floats and fries. The fries were hot and Fifi decided to dunk them into her soda float to cool them down, EWWWW! They obviously stopped during Pixie’s nap time, she didn’t even wake up to eat, LOL.
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They have been so spoilt since they arrived at my mom’s. They have gotten so many new outfits and sandals as well as trips to the local mall which is a HUGE treat for Fifi even though she goes shopping at malls all the time, LOL
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They spent time playing with my brother. He has a mental disability.
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Fifi baked cupcakes all by herself. All my mom did was measure out the ingredients. Koko and Fifi decorated their own cupcakes too. Pixie wasn’t interested in baking at all, she’s all about the dogs, LOL.
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I’m really looking forward to having the kidlets home though, its the longest I’ve ever been away from Koko and Fifi and the first time Pixie has ever been away without us.