Adenomyosis Recovery Part 3

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This is the last of my regular recovery posts. I’m feeling so much better and haven’t used pain medication since the middle of last week, that’s a total of 6 days with out any type of pain management! I’ll update again once I have seen my doctor who is currently in the USA for some or other medical conference.

I was expecting the pain to be much worse than it had been. I hardly experience any pain (unless I do something totally irresponsible). I went out with Papa Steve and Noo on Saturday to soccer practice and even went to the yarn store, my new favourite place by the by, LOL and suffered no ill effects from being out and about. I was, however, rather exhausted, but its to be expected considering I’ve been taking things very easy since my surgery and have hardly left my bed, let alone the house.

On a brighter note, I have lost 9 kgs since my surgery! Makes one wonder how big and heavy the growth really was. I am adamant that I won’t be picking up weight while I’m so sedentary.




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