PreK week in review: Letter of the Week ~ I

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Another fun filled week here 🙂 Fifi is still loving the Letter of the Week curriculum 🙂  Its served our family well over the years.  Here are a few pics of what she got up to this week.

Using unifix blocks to make her Ii’s
 photo IMG_7573_zps994c9264.jpg
 photo IMG_7578_zps9632d65d.jpg

I is for Inchworm puzzle
 photo IMG_7579_zps353194fb.jpg

Inchworm patterning
 photo IMG_7582_zps766b434e.jpg
 photo IMG_7583_zps52ec2836.jpg

Inchworm colour matching
 photo IMG_7590_zpsf93a85ba.jpg
 photo IMG_7589_zps92909781.jpg
 photo IMG_7594_zpsd9f90a83.jpg

Building an inchworm pyramid
 photo IMG_7597_zps53f290cc.jpg photo IMG_7596_zps9787f4c1.jpg

Number matching (the leaves have dots that correspond to numbers on the inchworms)
 photo IMG_7598_zps85cc90bd.jpg
 photo IMG_7599_zps03c96d00.jpg

Do-a-dot paint I. This is one of her favourite activities
 photo IMG_7600_zps004ca68e.jpg

This is the magnetic Inchworm sheet, we use the unifix blocks again here. They are a fantastic resource.
 photo IMG_7612_zps021e7bed.jpg

This is the I poke page. I have a rectangular piece of styrofoam that she uses to protect the table. Its the perfect size. She uses a toothpick here.
 photo IMG_7616_zpse8ec199b.jpg
 photo IMG_7618_zpsf4884739.jpg

Inchworm lacing, another favourite
 photo IMG_7621_zpsd6b403e5.jpg

Her I collage. She used her cut and paste activity to decorate her file devider. She loves it ♥
 photo IMG_7622_zpsa02e58db.jpg

Inchworm sequencing
 photo IMG_7627_zps8246d788.jpg

Floor number beanbag toss. She loves this activity. We tried doing it outside since the weather was perfect, but the wind didn’t play along.
 photo IMG_7625_zps55919d9a.jpg

Inchworm bottle top letter match. Pixie loved watching Fifi work this week. She spent a lot of her time getting her head inbetween Fifi and the sheet she was busy with, LOL. Fifi was very patient with her, telling me, “She’s learning with me, Momma!”
 photo IMG_7628_zpsf5191f1e.jpg
 photo IMG_7629_zps65bc02f9.jpg
 photo IMG_7630_zps1d6a96e7.jpg

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