Montessori Madness ~ How do I Montessori at home without breaking the bank?

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How do I Montessori at home without breaking the bank?

This is a question that gets asked many times by “newbies” to the Montessori method. In the beginning I found this question difficult to ask, HOWEVER, in my research over the years, I have found the following:

  • Montessori is a way of life. Read more about Living Montessori here;
  • You don’t need to purchase expensive “Montessori” branded equipment;
  • All you need is a small space to place your trays and activities; and
  • Most of the activities can be made up at home costing almost nothing.

There are many sites, and blogs, that offer free information and resources online that give a wealth of information on following the Montessori Method at home without breaking the bank. I am only going to list 2 for you below. I have already shared a post on making your own Montessori materials by a fellow South African Montessori Mom and a Roundup of DIY Montessori ideas from around the web. Below are two more sites that offer information on how to Montessori at home inexpensively.

How to “Montessori” Without Going Broke (or “The High-Low Montessori Project”) by Montessori Messy1This post is about how to set up your space without going broke and how to know when to buy the “good stuff” and when to get by with substitutes.

How many Montessori materials do you REALLY need in the home? by Confessions of a Montessori Mom Blog
2A Montessori mom recently confessed in my Montessori Facebook group about the constant feeling of needing MORE: more Montessori activities and materials, more quality toys, more art supplies… When do you feel satisfied? When do you have enough!?

I highly recommend that you read these books as you start your Montessori Journey (click on the image to purchase and download the book ~ Affiliate Links):

The montessori method bookThe absorbent mind book




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