What’s in the Box Wednesday ~ Fifi’s PreK Trays

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The drawers Koko has been using are not longer available, so I sourced another type of draw system and I am now waiting for them to be delivered! Keep an eye out for a future “What’s in the Box Wednesday” post with pictures of Fifi’s new boxes. Koko will continue to use the boxes he has, they work well for him. Until Fifi’s new drawer system arrives, she will be making use of the trays. Her PreK trays are stored and set out similarly to Pixie’s trays. As she completes each tray, the work gets moved to my desk where it gets marked and filed. She helps me fill her trays the next morning just before we start school.

Tray 1
We are still busy with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. She loves her reading lessons and is doing extremely well.
 photo 20140908_111804_zpsri4cgaeg.jpg

Tray 2
Her hand writing worksheets that correspond to the reading lesson for the day. She does 2, sometimes 3 (if the lesson calls for it). I try to make these as fun for her as possible.
 photo 20140908_111814_zpsfbprjhnt.jpg

She uses a combination of the following:
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – word/picture matching
Alphabet Tracing Mats
3Dinosaurs Romping Roaring Writing Practice
Lets Print Alphabet Writing Practice Worksheets
Alphabet Tracing Mats
Alphabet Tracing Papers

Tray 3
Smart-Kids I am 5. This is a fun, age specific book. Fifi loves it. It includes worksheets, games, recipes, as well as instructions on how to decorate a box.
 photo 20140908_112104_zpscwsnm2ey.jpg

Tray 4
Gold Stars Pre-school Phonics.
 photo 20140908_112055_zps1nixongq.jpg

Tray 5
Gold Stars Pre-school Starting to Add.
 photo 20140908_111920_zpsvxgk2wfs.jpg

Tray 6
Disney Learning: School Skills – Princess How To Read And Understand. This book covers various Disney princess stories as well as comprehension exercises.
 photo 20140908_111857_zps3mbn64np.jpg




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