Montessori Madness ~ What is a Light Table?

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What is a light table? A light table is an illuminated table, panel, or box. They are used for learning and exploring different educational toys and materials, as therapy for autistic, sight impaired and other special needs children, for artists to draw and trace on, for Doctors to view X-Rays, and widely used as an educational staple in Reggio Emilia based schools.
~ Kristen from Caution! Twins at Play

How to Build an Easy DIY Light Table from Tinkerlab
Have you ever wanted a light table, and wondered if there was an easy way to build a DIY light table yourself? Well, this easy DIY light table could be your answer! Once I figured out which materials to use, the whole thing took about 10 minutes to assemble.

Light Tables 101 (featuring 101 ways to use a light table) from Caution! Twins at Play

An Atmosphere for Creativity from Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone
In a mentally playful environment, loose parts are the key for creative play. With them, children learn to construct, take turns, knock down, plan and start all over again.

Colour fun with our DIY lightbox from Filth Wizardry
I’ve seen light tables with coloured transparent perspex shapes at a couple of children’s museums in the past, and the kids have had a great deal of fun with them, so I thought it would be nice to see if we could have a cheap home version.

Decorative gels windows … and boxes and light tables! from De Tout Et De Rein
Here is another good example of material that I love: decorative gels for windows. You can find them in dollar stores, drug stores, and large shopping areas: They are everywhere! Cheap, they create wonderful sets to play with, tell stories, make mathematical series with the light table. The touch, the texture is fun to handle.

Bingo Play from Mom at Play LLC
Here is a simple yet fun invitation we set up the other day.



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