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The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything! ~ Maria Montessori

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I would LOVE to create Montessori Inspired Bedrooms for the kidlets. However, space is a huge issue right now with 2 children each sharing a small bedroom. I have found the most amazing inspiration on the internet and will be using some of these awesome ideas if and when the opportunity presents itself.

Kylie from How We Montessori shares these five tips for creating a Montessori inspired bedroom (click on the link to read more on each tip).

  • Tip 1. Consider your family situation, your home and what will actually work for you.
  • Tip 2. Consider the listed elements individually and how they apply to you.
  • Tip 3. Look at examples for inspiration.
  • Tip 4. Consider and follow your child.
  • Tip 5. Lie, sit, crawl around the room.
  • Though many of the Montessori inspired bedrooms, I have found online, have floor beds, here is one that uses a normal bed (which I prefer to having a mattress on the floor).

    My favourite online inspiration find has got to be the Montessori Toddler Bedroom from The Kavanaugh Report. Its simple, understated and simply perfect! The floating shelf and desk are my favourite pieces of furniture here.
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    I just love the “care of self” station that Michelle from My Domestic Monastery shared in her post, A Montessori-inspired Toddler Room.
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