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My children all love the How to Train Your Dragon movies (1 & 2). What better way to surprise them on How to Train Your dragon movie night than to have a few dragon surprises waiting for them during the day.

How to Train Your Dragon Preschool Pack from 1+1+1=1
These How to Train Your Dragon printables will give your preschooler hours of fun and exposure to early learning skills like ABCs, counting, early reading, shapes, colors and more! You can use each different printable in various ways as you choose the skills to expose your child to. Be creative and have fun!

Dragons from A Teaching Mommy
Here are some printables that may be included in this unit:
Dd Letter Sort
Number Order Puzzle (1-10 and 11-20)
Spin & Graph
Magnet Page
Spelling Page
Count & Clip
Which is Different?
Patterns (ABAB and AABB)
Writing Maze
Beginning Writing/Cutting Practice
Size Sort

Tot Book- Dragons
Dragon Match
Dragon Shapes
Count the Dragons
Dragon Colors (mini book)
Size Sequencing
Dragon Picture Puzzle

How to draw a dragon from Blue Tadpole Studio

The YEAR of the DRAGON from Krokotak
In my daughter’s class there are two wonderful girls whose mother was born in Taiwan. Shortly before the New Year they had drawn an enormous dragon and had told the class about the Dragon rituals celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Dragon Paper Craft from Craft Jr
This craft is so easy that a toddler can do it – they aren’t going to color with fancy-schmancy colored pencils or stay within the lines of course… But they can certainly handle it.

Cartoon Dragon Coloring Pages from Fantasy Jr
We really love dragons around here. So we have lots of dragon coloring pages, and are always making more! This is by far our ‘cutest’ set on the site, with adorable fairy-tale inspired dragons that almost look cute enough to cuddle. I’ve always thought that the legend of dragons came about by old civilizations finding dinosaur bones – can you just imagine how frightening it would be to find a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull in your back yard, with no prior knowledge of dinosaurs in your life? I’d be freaking out *every day* wondering when the next gargantuan meat-eating machine might show up again!

Chinese Dragon Coloring Pages from Fantasy Jr
Of all the kinds of dragons there are, I think the Chinese Dragon is the most beautiful of all. These Chinese Dragon coloring pages are inspired by the beauty of these wonderful imaginary creatures. I even took my kids to Chicago’s Chinatown last weekend and found some inspiration to make some cool dragon paper crafts to come soon! It’s not quite as impressive as the Chinatown in San Francisco, but the kids absolutely loved it!




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