Friday Freebie: Bunny Resources

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FREE Where’s Peter Rabbit? Positional Words Game from PreK Pages
This is a super fun game that will have your kids hunting for Peter Rabbit while using prepositions.

Feed the Bunny 1:1 Game from PreK Pages
Setting: Small Group, Math Centers
Objective: 1:1 correspondence
Materials: Feed the Bunny 1:1 mats- one per student in small group (see free printables section below), carrot erasers
Directions: Print the 1:1 bunny mats on cardstock and laminate. Give each student in the small group a mat. Place the carrot erasers in the center of the table in a container so they are easily accessible to all students. Each student takes a turn rolling the die and putting the corresponding number of erasers on their recording sheet. When there is one eraser on each space on the mat they have successfully “fed the bunny” and completed the game.

Bunny Listening Game from PreK Pages
This is a fun twist on a classic game that will have your preschool or kindergarten students begging for more! Even better, the Bunny Listening Game can be used in public or faith based programs- it’s not just for Easter.

Little Bunny Activity Sheets from Itsy Bitsy Fun
This pack includes:
-1 page where kids have to finish a drawing of the bunny and color it.
-1 page where kids have to find specific objects on the picture and the color it.
-1 page simple counting activities.
-2 pages with fun mazes to solve.
-1 page with tracing the letter A and B (and coloring the picture once done or before).
-1 page with spotting the differences on two pictures.
-1 page where kids have to spot an object that’s different than others in the row.

The Little Rabbit from Homeschool Creations
These printables were created as a go-along for
the book, The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn.

The ABC Bunny from Homeschool Creations
These printables were created as a go-along for
the book, The ABC Bunny by Wanda Ga’g.

The Runaway Bunny from Homeschool Creations
These printables were created as a go-along for
the book, The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise

The Little Rabbit Rhymes Posters from Aussie Childcare Network

FREE Printable Rabbit Copywork Unit from Upsidedown Homeschooling
Spring is in the air and with it we see signs of life. I don’t know about you but my family has been seeing a lot of rabbits. My children are fascinated with them.



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