Freebie Friday Linkup: Pretend Play Resources

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Pretend Play Resources

Kids Printable Circus Tickets for Pretend Circus Play from Ziggity Zoom
Pretend Play Resources
Kids love to play Circus and here are fun, colorful Circus Tickets to print and cut out.

Zoo Role Play Resources from Primary Treasure Chest
Pretend Play Resources
To support learning in a role play area, we have made many resources for educators to use when teaching children all about a Zoo and a Zoo gift shop.

Free Star Wars Play Dough Set for Pretend Play from Live Over C’s
Pretend Play Resources
May the 4th be with you!! I’ll be totally honest with you. I’m not a Star Wars fan. I’m not a huge movie fan in general, but I’ve just never been able to get into Star Wars. BUT I am very much in the minority in my family, as everyone else loves Star Wars in one capacity or another. So to celebrate May the 4th, I made my kids a Star Wars printable for pretend play.

Free Printable Play Money Kids Will Love | Fake Monopoly Bills & Coins from Hub Pages
Pretend Play Resources
As a kid I loved playing with fake money and well the real one but my parents weren’t all that keen on that. I was running my own pretend store, was buying up properties in Monopoly and just enjoying having a few piles of money at hand. I was great with adding up numbers and returning the right amount of change even before I knew anything about mathematics, with play money it all seemed so natural and although I am not certain that just might be the reason why I never had any problems with maths and have even won a few math awards. Be it true or not I do think fake money is an excellent learning tool, be it for teaching the value of real money or as a sneaky way to get your kid started on maths…

Free Princess Printable Set for Sensory Play from Life Over C’s
Pretend Play Resources
Here is another pretend play set to add to your collection! This free printable printable set for sensory play is great for play dough, sensory bins or even on its own!

Create an Invention Box from Homegrown Hearts Academy
Pretend Play Resources
I love watching my daughters invent and create. I recently took them to a local museum where they spent hours building, creating, playing, and best of all learning. I loved watching them so engaged in the hands-on activities that were offered. Sometimes I forget how important it is to let kids dream and discover. I feel like it’s important to encourage children to invent and surround them with materials that foster creativity. I knew that I needed to bring some of these activities home and what better way to do that, than create an invention box.

Encourage Healthy Eating with a “Kid’s Restaurant”! from Melissa and Doug Blog
Pretend Play Resources
What better way for your child to learn about healthy eating than to play with it! By creating your very own Kid’s Restaurant, your child will learn to not only identify several different food items, but will learn that making good choices about the food he eats can be enjoyable, too!

Printable Toys! Open a {paper} Sandwich Shop from Kids Activities Blog
Pretend Play Resources
This printable set comes with everything your child might need to set up a Sandwich Shop! They can make paper sandwiches on the paper cutting board with the paper knife.

These printables for kids include:

Customizable Sandwich Shop Sign
Cutting Board
A Variety of Bread
Chip Bag

FREE Doctor Pretend Play Printables from Life of a Homeschool Mom
Pretend Play Resources
Do your children like to play doctor? If so, you must go to Parenting with Professor Poppins and download these FREE printable doctor pretend play forms. Your children will have hours of fun playing with them!

Let’s Play Store from About Homeschooling

Let’s Play Store is a fun kit to encourage pretend play in kids. They love to pretend and they love to play store. These pages are designed to spark creativity and make playing store fun. Children will practice writing skills, spelling, math, and have a lot of fun.

The Let’s Play Store Kit also makes an inexpensive gift for kids to give to their friends. Print the pages on colored paper and put in a folder or notebook.

Paper Cookie Playset {Free Printables} from Tip Junkie
Pretend Play Resources
Complete with baking sheet, oven mitt, spatula, over a dozen cookies, and toppings galore! Fun for a classroom gift, or something to play with at home. For the grown-up, the cookies layered together make cute gift tags.




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