Letters to Santa are Old School

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letters to santa
With Christmas fast approaching, Koko has asked when they are going to write their letters to Santa. Fifi said she would much rather send an email to him with her online wishlist. I was flabbergasted! I couldn’t believe that my little 7 year old daughter is tech savvy enough to know what an online wishlist is, for starters and that she’d rather write an email, than a letter via snail mail.
Letters to Santa
This little conversation between siblings got me thinking. Where would one send an email to Santa? Is that even a thing?
Letters to Santa
Well OF COURSE it is! Here are a few places I have found online:

1. Clause.com
Letters to Santa
This site has a form you can fill out to send an email to Santa. It is cute and simple to use.

2. EmailSanta.com
Letters to Santa
This site not only includes a form to email Santa, but also access to the Naughty or Nice list, Christmas Countdown, Joke of the Day, Toy bag of Fun, Present counter and you can view live streaming of emails received by Santa from all over the world!

3. SantaClaus.com
Letters to Santa
If your child is old enough to write their own email from scratch, this is the site for you. This site also has an option to receive a call from the Big Guy himself.

4. Elf HQ
Letters to Santa

Santa gets millions of letters, cards, texts, faxes and emails. Thank you for choosing to send him a message through ElfHQ.com — that gets your message straight through the North Pole Post Office immediately and right into Santa’s hands as soon as possible.

Please understand though that Santa does not have time to respond to all the mail he receives. But he does read it ALL.

5. Letters to Santa
Letters to Santa
Send letters to Santa and receive an instant reply. No email address or home address needed.

6. Portable North Pole
Letters to Santa
Santa’s free video is coming later in the season!




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