Freebie Friday Linkup: Science – Volcano Resources

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Science – Volcano Resources

Volcano Coloring Pages from Cool2bKids
Volcano Resources
Natural calamities like tsunami, tornado, and volcano have always been a popular subject for coloring pages, simply because they could be used to teach your kid about these powerful natural forces. The volcano with dinosaur coloring sheets depicting volcano with lava spewing on dinosaurs could prove to be useful in clearing your kid’s doubt about how the dinosaurs became extinct. Your little toddlers could also learn how to spell ‘volcano’ while having extra fun adding colors to the alphabets.

Alphabetical Order – Volcanoes from Primary Leap
Volcano Resources
This theme unit printable includes 15 words associated with volcanoes. Kids are asked to put them in alphabetical order.

Volcanoes from ABC Teach
Volcano Resources
KWL: Volcanoes
Coloring Page: Volcano
Did You Know? Volcanoes
Acrostic Form: Volcano
Quiz: Volcanoes (elem/upper elem)
Worksheet: Layers of Earth (elementary)
Research and Report: Volcanoes
Report Form: Volcanoes
Report Cover: Volcano
Web Organizer: Volcano
Word Game: Volcanoes
Writing Prompt: Volcano
Writing Prompt: Volcano Similes (elem/upper elem)
Diagram: Volcano (unlabeled)
Word Search: Volcano
Crossword: Volcano
Unscramble the Words: Volcano
Coloring Page: Landforms – Volcano
Report Form: Volcanoes (b/w)
Report Form: Volcanoes (color)
KWL: Volcanoes (booklet, b/w)
KWL: Volcanoes (booklet, color)
Key Words: Volcanoes
Comprehension: Volcanoes (upper el/middle)
Comprehension: Types of Volcanoes (upper el/middle)
Experiment: Volcano
Shapebook: Volcano Report
Word Search: Volcano
Color and Write Prompt: Volcano (elem)
Color and Write: Volcano (elem)
Color and Write: Volcano (primary)
Comprehension: Volcanoes (elementary)
Comprehension: Volcanoes (primary/elem)
PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Volcanoes (upper el/middle)
Comprehension: Iceland’s Volcanic Power (upper elem/middle)
Comprehension: Iceland; Land of Fire & Ice (upper elem/middle)
Interactive: Notebook: Types of Volcanoes (upper el/middle))
Interactive: Notebook: Volcanoes (primary/elementary)
PowerPoint: Presentation with Audio: Plant Kingdom 10: Plants in Toxic Soils (upper elem/middle/high)

Volcano Wordsearch from About Education
Volcano Resources
Volcano Wordsearch
Volcano Vocabulary
Volcano Crossword Puzzle
Volcano Challenge
Volcano Alphabetizing Activity
Volcano Coloring Page
Volcano Draw and Write
Volcano Theme Paper
Volcano Coloring Page 2

Volcanoes: An ELA Freebie for Firsties from Tamara Russell
Volcano Resources
I created this as a tie in to the dinosaur themed math printables I made to help my kids practice regrouping using the standard algorithm.

Volcano Stages Worksheet FREEBIE from Innovative Teacher
Volcano Resources
Volcano Stages Workseet by Melissa Craig is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Color By Number Volcano from Teaching Station
Volcano Resources
Printable color by number volcano coloring page. Perfect for preschoolers to help them develop eye-hand coordination, practice their colors and learn to follow directions.

Volcano Word Search from The Kidz Page
Volcano Resources

Free Volcanoes Unit Study Printable Workbook from How to Homeschool for Free
Volcano Resources
WinterPromise has a free Unit Study on Volcanoes!! You can download it now and save it to use later. I also saw three more freebies on their page!
If you are unfamiliar with Winter Promise this is a great way to check them out. They have Unit Studies that use a Charlotte Mason approach to learning.

Volcano Project and Resources from More than a Homeschool Mom
Volcano Resources
This year I have let R do interest led Science. She has the ability to learn whatever she wants as long as she is able to prove to me that she is really learning. For her first pick she chose volcanoes. Below are some of the great things she did for her volcano project, a free printable, and a list of great resources for you to work on volcanoes with your kids. These are very simple and fun to work with.

Get Free Volcano Graphic Organizer from Book Units Teacher
Volcano Resources

10 Amazing Volcano Coloring Pages To Keep Your Little One Busy from Mom Junction
Volcano Resources

Volcano Mini Book from Crayola
Volcano Resources
Use Crayola® crayons, colored pencils or markers to decorate each volcano scene.

All About Volcanoes from
Volcano Resources
There’s a lot going on in each and every volcano. Learn the science of eruption with this cutaway diagram, and commit some new vocabulary words to memory in the process.

Volcano Worksheets from 3D Geography
Volcano Resources
These volcano worksheets are designed from the outset to appeal to those wishing to learn about volcanoes and tectonic processes. In full colour with student-friendly design layout, they aim to help make learning about volcanoes fun and interesting. From volcano word searches to blank volcano diagrams to label and volcano glossary lists, you should find something useful and effective here.

Hill of Fire Unit Study and Lapbook Printables from Homeschool Share
Volcano Resources
Hill of Fire Unit Study and Lapbook Printables

Author: Thomas P. Lewis
Illustrator: Joan Sandin
ISBN: 0064440400
level 3 unit study by Lisa Dickinson
printables by Ami Brainerd and Jimmie




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