Freebie Friday ~ Angry Birds Resources

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Angry Birds Resources

My kids adore the Angry Birds movie, and when the second one came our they were thrilled. Here you will find part of our collection of free Angry Birds resources that I have collected over the years.

Free and Fun Angry Birds Coloring Pages from Brooklyn Active Mama
Angry Birds
Today I have the opportunity to share some coloring pages with you all for your littles! My boys have colored these several times.

Angry Bird Mazes from Mazes by Eric
Angry Birds
There are 3 pages, containing 18 Angry Bird mazes.

Angry Birds Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten from Homeschool Creations
Angry Birds
There are two separate downloads included in the Angry Bird printables – one targeted toward PreK and one for Kindergarten skills. A few of the things included:

vocabulary word cards
letter tracers
puppet fun
beginning sounds
least and greatest numbers
positional words
and more!

Printable Hatchling Mask for Angry Birds 2 from Coloring Pages
Angry Birds
You can now print this beautiful Hatchling Mask for Angry Birds 2 coloring page or color online for free.

from My Free Printable
Angry Birds
Looking for Free Printable Angry Birds Word Search for you next birthday party? Here is your free Angry Birds printable word search puzzle to have fun with your kids. This easy to print puzzle is filled with 16 Angry Birds video games favorite characters. Find Angry Birds words like Red, Terence, Eggs, Pigs, Stella, Matilda, Space, The Blues, Dragon, Eagle, Chuck, Bubbles and many more. Click the link below to download or print the Angry Birds Word Search Game now in PDF format.

Angry Birds Kindergarten Printables from 1+1+1=1
Angry Birds
We love Angry Birds around here, so I thought I would put together some Kindergarten work for Krash based on his beloved birds.
Here’s what is included in the free Angry Birds pack
Using a number line
Greater than and less than, using the alligator mouth as a visual aid
Naming coins
Basic Fractions
Matching descriptive sentences
Easy reader with color word emphasis
Rhyming Words
Color By Word
Sight Words
Numbers 1-30

Following Directions with Angry Birds from Tara Put on Teachers Pay Teachers
Angry Birds
This is just a simple chart I made to be used with the game “Angry Birds: On Thin Ice” which I purchased at Chapters. It gives ideas for following directions, including simple 2 step-directions, directions with location concepts, directions with temporal concepts, and directions with conditional concepts.

Angry Bird Pronoun Sort from Jamie Woodward on Teachers Pay Teachers
Here’s a fun little activity that can be used in whole group, small group or in a literacy center. Students will use the cards provided to sort nouns and pronouns and then complete the activity sheets.

Angry Birds Graphing – Bar Graph and Pictograph from TLane2 on Teachers Pay Teachers
Graphs are a good way of representing sets of information or data. A pictograph is a graph that shows information using pictures.

Provide students a game board. Using the process of collect, organize, display and interpreting data, students will use the spinner to create data and make a bar graph and pictograph to represent the data. For example, if the student spins and lands on the red bird three times, he/she would represent this on the tally chart. Once all of the information is collected, the student will display the information on the graph.

Angry Bird Math – A Kindergarten Game of Number Value, Counting & Probability from Prince Padania on Teachers Pay Teachers
Teach probability, number value & more with the famous characters of everyone’s favorite app!

The goal of the game is simple: Help your bird soar far enough across the sky to knock off the piggie. Advance your bird across the game board by correctly predicting if the next number card is greater than or less than the previous one.

Your students will immediately connect with the fun, familiar visuals of the game. It takes only moments to learn AND kids will have a blast strengthening important math skills like:
-logical reasoning,
-making predictions,
-number value,

A great addition to your classroom’s collection of learning games. Perfect for math centers, partner work, workshop, or as a take-home game.

Your kids will have so much fun it won’t even feel like math!

Included in this download are:
-An easy-to-follow “How to Play” page
-Game boards focusing on the numbers 1 – 10 and 1 – 20
-Numbers Cards with numerals and ten-frame representations of each number

Materials are provided in color and B&W.




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