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For many years, Barbie has played a huge part in my girls’ pretend play activities. There aren’t many Barbie educational resources out there. Below are the few resources that I have come across.

Printables from Barbie
Official Barbie Printables

Barbie Coloring Pages & Invitations from Family Shopping Bag
Barbie was born in 1959 and was created for girls as a small, more easy to handle doll. Barbie has owned more than 40 pets, has owned all sorts of vehicles from corvette convertibles to jeeps, and holds a pilot’s license. We have done our best to help bring Barbie fun to you with Barbie Invitations, Barbie Coloring Pages and so much more. Enjoy!

Barbie Fairy Secret Activity Sheet from Printables 4 Kids

VIPKID Lesson Props- Barbie Stars from Teacher Lauren Robertson on Teachers Pay Teachers

Your students will absolutely love this reward!

Bungee Barbie: A Math Investigation from The Lilley Pad on Teachers Pay Teachers

This activity is a fabulous math investigation that really helps students connect abstract math to real-world decision making. In this activity, students must make a prediction about how many rubber bands will need to be used for a bungee cord to drop Barbie (or Ken) from a particular height (you choose a stairwell, a rooftop – something exciting!). Students then collect and graph data and make a second prediction based on their new information. Finally, students make the big drop – hopefully without killing Barbie and analyze their results!

Linear Regression: Barbie Bungee from Plotting Some Fun on Teachers Pay Teachers

Students will use rubber bands and Barbie dolls to simulate a bungee jump.

To begin the activity, students are given 1 Barbie and 3 rubber bands per group. After collecting data on three “jumps” they will calculate a linear regression to best represent the data.

They will be asked to use their regression equation to estimate the amount a rubber bands needed to make a bungee jump of your choice.

I always have the students test their equations by “bungee jumping” Barbie from a specific school location. (top of bleachers, balcony in gymnasium, whatever works for you)

DHH: Ling Sound Daily Listening Check Barbie Edition from The Hearing Resource Teacher on Teachers Pay Teachers

Do you have a young student with hearing loss into Barbie? Here is a Ling Sound Daily Listening Check to use to promote student engagement.

The Ling 6 Sounds behavioral listening check is used by Teachers of the Deaf and Audiologists to determine a student’s hearing technology effectiveness. The sounds ah, ee, oo, sh, s, and mm indicate a child’s ability to detect all aspects of speech, as these six sounds encompass the frequency range of all phonemes. This check can be used to determine what sounds the student is able to detect, discriminate, and identify.




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