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Encanto Resources

The Madrigals are an extraordinary family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a charmed place called the Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift — every child except Mirabel. However, she soon may be the Madrigals last hope when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is now in danger.

Teaching with Encanto from We are Teachers
Encanto Resources
Printables for k – 5!
We don’t talk about Bruno, but we can’t stop talking about Encanto. We love this incredible movie for its representation, themes, and most important—teachable moments. We put together some learning activities just for you and your Encanto-obsessed students. Enjoy!

Free Encanto Printable Confidence Cards for Kids from Marcie & the Mouse
Encanto Resources
Do your kids love Disney’s Encanto? Surprise your kids with these adorable Encanto confidence cards that are sure to make them smile.

Free Encanto Coloring Sheets – Color by Number from Moms & Crafters
Encanto Resources
These free Encanto coloring sheets feature color by number images of all the main Encanto characters – including Bruno, of course!

Free Encanto Printable Coloring Sheets & Kids Activities from Raising Whasians
Encanto Resources
Grab your FREE Encanto Printable Coloring Sheets and Kids Activities, with over 16 pages of fun coloring pages and activity sheets inspired by the film!

Encanto Trivia: Questions and Answers for a Party (Free Printable) from Magical Adventure Guide
Encanto Resources
Test your knowledge of Disney’s movie, Encanto, with these fun Encanto trivia questions. These Encanto trivia questions and answers are the perfect game for themed party, or simply to test your level of Madrigal family fandom!

Encanto Movie Colombian Culture References English Version from Jules Paper Co on Teachers Pay Teachers
Encanto Resources
Encanto is quickly becoming a hit movie! The setting of this movie takes place in the country of Colombia, it is jam packed with many symbols. The movie includes many cultural references that reflect the diversity of the Colombian population with brief sentence descriptions in English. This resource is completely free and is intended to be used for educational purposes. There are no images from the movie included in this free resource. All images are free stock photos.

Encanto Movie Trailer Opinion Guide for Spanish Class from Live Love Spanish on Teachers Pay Teachers
Encanto Resources
Your students will have fun using this guide to give their opinion of the trailer for Disney’s new animated film Encanto. Set in Colombia, Encanto is about Mirabel Madrigal and her magical family.

This product includes:

*An editable google slide movie guide where students are prompted to talk about the type of film the trailer is for, their opinion of the trailer and the aspects of culture present.

Encanto Hidden Message Math: Gr 2/3 – ADD/SUB from TeachHeath on Teachers Pay Teachers
Encanto Resources
These 8 hidden message video game themed puzzles get kids engaged in basic operations. Students solve the problems, place the letters in the puzzle, then they solve the puzzle.

Each message has at least 8-12 problems for students to solve.

Great to use as a center, for homework, small groups, or even math warm ups.

Cards get harder as puzzle number increases: so, this is great for differentiation.

Encanto Movie Guide from TpT para ti on Teachers Pay Teachers
Encanto Resources
25 question Encanto movie guide to complete while watching. The first version is in both Spanish and English. The second version is solely in Spanish.

Open Syllable Game inspired by Encanto from Emma Balansay- Emmazing Teacher on Teachers Pay Teachers
Encanto Resources
This powerpoint game will help kids review open and closed syllables. It is interactive and engaging.

Magical Gift Matching Activity Printable/Worksheet [Encanto] from Sra Katie on Teachers Pay Teachers
Encanto Resources
Everyone received a magical gift, except Mirabel. Have your students match the Madrigal family member with the appropriate description of their gift, or lack thereof.

Encanto Coloring Sheets
from Jenna Ricigliano on Teachers Pay Teachers
Encanto Resources
Disney’s Encanto Coloring Pages for students and adults of all ages!




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