Playball Fun

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~Koko is 6 years, 3 months old~

~Fifi is 4 years 5 months old~

~Pixie is 22 months months old~

The two middle kidlets have been taking part in Playball since early May and Pixie started mid June. They all LOVE IT and look forward to it every week. Pixie’s first class took only 10 minutes before she was done, she now lasts up to 30 minutes (with a few breaks inbetween)

We usually arrive about an hour earlier so that the kids can get some time on the play ground. We don’t have a safe park close by or a jungle gym at home, this is the next best place 🙂 The kids love the extra play time before classes start.
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 photo PhotoGrid_1373303077639_zps11a245b4.jpg

Pixie had fallen asleep on our way to the facility, so she missed out on this day
 photo PhotoGrid_1373303179332_zps99075f83.jpg

Koko just loves his coach, they always play a little soccer before classes officially start. Fifi’s usual coach was ill on this particular day, so his brother, Fred, took over form him this day.
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 photo PhotoGrid_1373303254669_zps73b16e3c.jpg

Because Pixie was sleeping, I didn’t take any photos of her class. I’ll be sure to bring the camera along again next time.

I HIGHLY recommend this extra mural for anyone with children between the ages of 2 – 9 years of age. Its fantastic! Pixie can now jump with both feet off the ground, throw a ball fairly accurately and hit a ball hung from a string twice in a row/

If you are interested in joining the Honeydew Playball Group, contact Roxanne on the details below. The first lesson is FREE!!!



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First Playball Class

This post may contain affiliate links which help support my family. Thank you for stopping by.

Yesterday Koko and Fifi started Playball. Roxy and her staff are excellent with children. My usually shy kidlets immediately took to their respective coaches and really enjoyed their first classes. So much so that they are already asking how many sleeps till their next class 🙂 Today only 1 other homeschooling family arrived, but they still had a fantastic time.

Each age group has their own coach that focuses on certain skill sets.

Koko and his coach, Jason
 photo IMG_7348_zpsd0465685.jpg
 photo a71ac1d0-c655-435d-be5c-f55f9fe3a343_zpscc1d8db3.jpg

Fifi and her coach, Dudley. Roxy is kneeling on the ground.
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 photo IMG_7339_zps1d193f66.jpg