Freebie Friday Linkup: Poetry Resources

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Poetry Resources

Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson: Volume 1 {FREE PRINTABLE!} from Wildflower Ramblings
Poetry Resources
Here is the free printable! Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson: Volume 1.

Free Educational Resources: 6 Nature Handbooks, 10-week Poetry Course, Maps + More from The Happy Housewife
Poetry Resources
Sometimes in homeschooling you need a little something to get you through the week! That is what this weekly post is all about. Every Saturday I will post educational freebies to get you excited about another week of learning. Enjoy!

Poetry Study from Homeschool Share
Poetry Resources
For grades 2-5
Unit and notebooking pages prepared by Jimmie

This unit is based on the folllowing book– Random House Book of Poetry for Children: A Treasury of 572 Poems for Today’s Child selected by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Arnold Lobel
ISBN: 0394850106

Structure of poem study for each poem:
Read the title and poem aloud while the children listen.
Ask them what they heard – this is narration. They tell back all they understood from the poem. This may include the topic, descriptions, specific words and images.
Read the poem again, and repeat the narration.
Hopefully this time the children can offer even more details.
Allow them to ask questions about things that are still unclear.
You can ask specific questions of the poem as well if you want to draw out certain aspects of the poem. For more help, use this Responding to Poetry handout. This is also where you will insert the questions listed below in the unit study.
The child can read the poem aloud now, if you desire.

For each theme, there are at least two choices of notebooking pages. The child can copy the appropriate poem onto the themed paper for handwriting practice or for copywork.

Poetry Lapbook from Homeschool Share
Poetry Resources
Poetry Lapbook
created by Leslie Cardwell

Here’s a Little Poetry Unit from Homeschool Share
Poetry Resources
Here’s a Little Poetry Unit is based on Here’s a Little Poem
collected by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters
Unit Prepared by Ami Brainerd

I prepared this unit to use in April with my son who will be at the end of his Kindergarten year. This book has huge appeal for the younger set (PK-1), but some of the activities here could be used with your older students as well. I added a few ideas at the very end of the unit for older students.

This unit isn’t found in any of our regular indexes because it’s different. You can use it as an add-on to your other daily lessons. I wanted it to be a light, fun, fresh unit to introduce my son to the basics of poetry. I hope it will inspire you and your students; I hope it will draw you into the wonderful world that is poetry.

Please plan this unit in advance as many of the lesson extensions require supplies you may not have on hand (like big boxes!).




Privacy and Disclosure

Preserving Children

This post may contain affiliate links which help support my family. Thank you for stopping by.

Take one large grassy field,
1/2 dozen children, 3 small dogs,
and walk along a narrow strip of brook, pebbly if possible.
Mix the children with dogs and empty them into field,
stirring constantly.
Sprinkle the entire with daisies and buttercups,
pour brook gently over pebbles,
cover all with a deep blue sky
and bake in hot sun for several hours.
When the children are thoroughly browned,
they may be removed.
They will be found right and ready
for setting away to cool in the bathtub.

Source: Raising Titty-Bitty Bookworms