Freebie Friday ~ Life Skills Resources

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Life Skills Resources

Life Skills covers a variety of topics, from personal hygiene to writing your resume. Here I’m sharing early education life skills resources. These resources are readily available. In South Africa, Life Skills is a subject taught in school and are mandatory from Grade R (Kindergarten) till Grade 12.

Life Skills Curriculum from Freedom Homeschooling
Life Skills Resources
[Here] you will find free homeschool life skills curriculum.

Life Skills Training: Autism & Independent Living Skills from Very Special Tales
Life Skills Resources
During the last 20 years, a variety of terms have been coined to describe those life skills that allow individuals to self-care and function independently in society. Amongst these terms, you will find independent living skills, daily living skills, functional curriculum, functional skills, life skills and survival skills.

Although they may not describe the exact same set of skills, they all describe sets of skills that empower us to become independent adults successfully functioning in our communities.

Kids learn many of those skills through observation and imitation. But the reality for children with disabilities (cognitive, developmental, physical, sensory) may be different.

Life skills training is vital for them. Skills that most kids learn through observation may need to be specifically trained in kids with disabilities.

Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Food Sort~ Pack a Healthy Lunch from 123kteach on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
Healthy and Unhealthy Food Sort: Students will learn to make healthy food choices as they sort food cards into healthy and unhealthy foods. Students will also draw and write what they would pack in a healthy lunch. Students can draw and label a healthy dinner. Recording sheets are available for all activities. This product includes a cut and paste healthy and unhealthy food sorting activity. You can differentiate your instruction as food cards are provided with words and pictures or just pictures and you also have a choice of recording sheets with primary lines or secondary lines.

Healthy and Unhealthy headers for pocket chart
20 food cards for sorting (with pictures and with pictures and words)
Recording sheets to record healthy and unhealthy foods (primary and secondary lined paper)
Recording sheets to draw and write what you would pack in a healthy lunch.(primary and secondary lined paper.)
Teaching students to eat properly is a valuable life long lesson that will promote a healthy lifestyle.

Monster Fun! Teaching Manners and Expectations from Growing Kinders on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
Here is a fun little packet for you to help teach manners and expectations in school the first few days of school! I hope you enjoy it!

Student Goal Setting Checklist from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
This checklist makes setting and tracking goals simple for kids! I have included 70 goals…including math, reading, and other skills! This set includes 3 choices of goal checklists (1, 2, or 3 goals). You can choose to give students a goal sheet weekly, monthly, etc. Have students choose goals from the picture sheet, then cut and paste their goals onto their goal sheet. At the end of the week or month have students check off whether they accomplished the goal. Then they will choose new goals to work on!

You could have students tape their goal sheet to their desk, paste it in a notebook, or keep it in a folder. The important thing is that they are revisiting it frequently to monitor their goals and keep track of their accomplishments. You can also keep these for parent conferences or send them home to keep parents informed of their child’s progress.

FREE Classroom Economy Pack from Laura Candler on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
Classroom Economy Pack offers classroom money patterns in a variety of denominations as well as directions for setting up a Classroom Economy system. You’ll find ideas for staging class auctions and other reward programs. Perfect for fostering financial literacy and for teaching kids how to manage money! This freebie also includes patterns for writing checks, a bank transaction record, and “brain bucks” to use as rewards.

Directions Quiz from Across the Hall on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
These quizzes are a fun way to reinforce following directions in your classroom at the beginning of the year or anytime your students need a refresher! There are two versions each of two different quizzes, so they can be used with all elementary grades!

What resources did I include in this product for you?
⬟ Two versions {primary and upper elementary} of the “Sneaky” Quiz
– Students should read through all directions before beginning…the last step states that they should not do any of the previous steps!
⬟ Two versions {primary and upper elementary} of the “Non-Sneaky” Quiz
– This is the same as the quiz above but without the sneaky last step! It’s still a great way to assess students following written directions independently!

Money Posters Display {Freebie} from Traci Bender – The Bender Bunch on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
This is a set of money posters that can be displayed in your classroom to help your students learn money. Each poster has a cute poem to make learning money fun. Coins included are quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. This set also includes a poster set with touch dots. These posters coordinate with the other items in my store labeled “Brights.”

Healthy Eating & Nutrition: I Can Eat a Rainbow {FREEBIE} from Curriculum Castle on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
Teach your students the importance of eating colorful fruits and vegetables every day through our “I Can Eat a Rainbow” activity! Included in this freebie are:

1. Directional Page with a step by step guide and ideas on how to complete this activity with your class.
2. Colorful Foods Chart (examples of fruits and vegetables for each color of the rainbow)
3. “I Can Eat a Rainbow” student printable

Safety Unit: Phone Number & Address from Just Go Teach on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
This packet will give your students the practice they need for writing their phone number and home address. There is a phone sheet where students can practice touching the numbers on the phone. There is a sheet where students will practice writing their own name, their mother’s name and their father’s name. There is also an award certificate for when students have memorized their information.

Colorful phone are included for you to laminate and place at stations for student to practice. A black and white option is also included.




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