School was bust this week

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Fifi was in hospital for the most of this week, she was admitted for gastro and febrile convulsions on Monday and only discharged on Thursday.

Fifi started vomiting on Sunday afternoon around 5 and didn’t stop till around 5 on Monday morning. We gave her some rehydrate which she finally managed to keep down. On Monday morning she was her usual crazy busy self and then she started feeling a little hot so I gave her some meds and held her for a minute, the next thing I new, she was throwing a full febrile convulsion (the boys had a history of convulsions, so I knew exactly what to do, thank heavens). My FIL came passed about 15 minutes later and we rushed her to the ER which is about 10km from our home. They took her straight through, assessed her and then admitted her for observation and hooked her up to an IV. They were very happy that she hadn’t vomited again, but needed to admit her to monitor her for at least 24 hours. Her paed came to see her that afternoon and wasn’t happy that she wasn’t drinking and didn’t have an appetite and diagnosed possible viral gastro. She had bloods drawn which confirmed this.

On Tuesday she started vomiting again so we weren’t discharged that night as originally planned. Thankfully my FIL baby sat the boys on Tuesday. She started keeping fluids down again last night and drank almost 1 litre of milk *woohoo* This morning she looks so much better. She still has diarrhoea, but the doctor said that can take up to 10 days to clear. As long as her fluid in take is good and she doesn’t spike a fever, she will be fine. He said not to worry to much about her appetite as that will take a little while to “come back”.

Thank you to everyone who gave their support via Facebook, I cant tell you how much that means to me and helped me get through each day ♥♥♥♥♥

Noo completed 4 workboxes on Monday before we had to rush little Princess to the emergency room and we didn’t do any school on Wednesday after she was discharged. Because she is so little, I stayed with her the entire time and the boys needed some momma time yesterday. We completed the rest of his boxes this morning. Tomorrow we’ll have a normal school day again.

Here is Fifi with her nursing siser, Felicia. She was such a good care giver!

Our little sleeping princess ♥