Fifi took 10 years off my life

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Fifi and I were watching Oprah early Tuesday evening when she fell off the couch onto a pile of blankets and towels. She was non responsive and gasping for air. I got the fright of my life, I’d never seen a convulsion like that (my kids have all had convulsions with eyes rolling back and shaking, never like this) and I panicked. The convulsion lasted about 3-4 minutes and our neighbour came over to help with her as I didn’t know what to do. Thank the good Lord that our neighbours were home and rushed over to help as soon as Noo called. I really thought that we were going to loose her. Our neighbour’s wife rushed us to Wilgeheuwel Hospital (which is 5 minutes away) and stayed with me until Papa Steve arrived about 15 minutes later. We were lucky enough that their son was home and offered to stay with the boys until my FIL arrived. We are really lucky that we have such wonderful people next door. They even sent dinner over for the boys ♥

When we got to the hospital they saw us immediately and stabilised Fifi. She had a temperature of 39*C and was given a suppository immediately. She had fallen asleep in the car and I couldn’t wake her. When they did the light on the pupil test, her eyes didn’t dilate, but as soon as they wanted to check her ears she screamed blue murder, she doesn’t like people touching her ears. That was the first sign that she was becoming coherent. They sent out down for a CT scan to check for possible brain damage and a chest x-ray to eliminate fluid on the lungs. Both scans were clear!!!

They wanted to admit her and we were informed that we have to abide to visiting times and won’t be allowed to sleep over. We were not going to have that and she was transferred to Olivedale Clinic. When we got there, we found out that the transfer wasn’t done correctly and they had to do all the tests and examinations again. Wilgeheuwel never transferred us, they discharged Fifi without following the correct procedures.

Papa Steve spent the night with Fifi in hospital so I could spend the day with her on Wednesday if she wasn’t discharged in the morning.

When I got there on Wednesday morning, the Paed was there to see her. She was fine, like nothing had happened He checked her over and said she has a viral infection which probably caused the fever and the febrile (fever) convulsion. He says there is no physical signs of head trauma, so she probably had a convulsion which caused the fall. She was discharged immediately and was running around the house like a mad thing as soon as we got home.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and messages on Facebook, I truely appreciate it.


School was bust this week

This post may contain affiliate links which help support my family. Thank you for stopping by.

Fifi was in hospital for the most of this week, she was admitted for gastro and febrile convulsions on Monday and only discharged on Thursday.

Fifi started vomiting on Sunday afternoon around 5 and didn’t stop till around 5 on Monday morning. We gave her some rehydrate which she finally managed to keep down. On Monday morning she was her usual crazy busy self and then she started feeling a little hot so I gave her some meds and held her for a minute, the next thing I new, she was throwing a full febrile convulsion (the boys had a history of convulsions, so I knew exactly what to do, thank heavens). My FIL came passed about 15 minutes later and we rushed her to the ER which is about 10km from our home. They took her straight through, assessed her and then admitted her for observation and hooked her up to an IV. They were very happy that she hadn’t vomited again, but needed to admit her to monitor her for at least 24 hours. Her paed came to see her that afternoon and wasn’t happy that she wasn’t drinking and didn’t have an appetite and diagnosed possible viral gastro. She had bloods drawn which confirmed this.

On Tuesday she started vomiting again so we weren’t discharged that night as originally planned. Thankfully my FIL baby sat the boys on Tuesday. She started keeping fluids down again last night and drank almost 1 litre of milk *woohoo* This morning she looks so much better. She still has diarrhoea, but the doctor said that can take up to 10 days to clear. As long as her fluid in take is good and she doesn’t spike a fever, she will be fine. He said not to worry to much about her appetite as that will take a little while to “come back”.

Thank you to everyone who gave their support via Facebook, I cant tell you how much that means to me and helped me get through each day ♥♥♥♥♥

Noo completed 4 workboxes on Monday before we had to rush little Princess to the emergency room and we didn’t do any school on Wednesday after she was discharged. Because she is so little, I stayed with her the entire time and the boys needed some momma time yesterday. We completed the rest of his boxes this morning. Tomorrow we’ll have a normal school day again.

Here is Fifi with her nursing siser, Felicia. She was such a good care giver!

Our little sleeping princess ♥