Freebie Friday ~ Dental Health Resources

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Dental Health Resources

Dental health is important, no matter how old you are. Getting your child into the habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day from young is key. Here are a few fun activities to reinforce brushing their teeth.

Dental Health Resources from Homeschool Giveaways
Dental Health Resources
February is Children’s Dental Health Month. I know it’s not unusual for kids to hate brushing their teeth. And my kids are no exception, besides the 3 year old, but I think she just likes the bubble gum flavored safe toothpaste. So this year we are going to spend most of February learning how to better brush our teeth and why it’s so important.

How to Brush Your Teeth Instructions from Sparklebox
Dental Health Resources
A set of instruction visual aids showing how to play brush your teeth. Ideal for teaching about writing instructions or discussions about health and hygiene.

Dental Health Resources and a FREEBIE from Teacher 123
Dental Health Resources
February is Dental Health Month. This month is a great time to invite your local dentist to visit your class. Many of them will even bring a little goodie bag for your students.
Do your students ever lose their teeth at school and then can’t find their tooth when it’s time to go home? It can create quite a commotion at dismissal time. I found these little tooth treasure boxes and tooth necklaces help solve this problem. Quite a few come with each order, so you may want to ask a teammate to split the order with you.

Dental Health Freebie from Mrs Russell’s Room
Dental Health Resources
Got a brand new freebie for you guys!
The dentist is coming to visit our grade level next week, so I thought it would be good to have some printables for ‘the event’.

Set of Free Dental Care coloring pages for Kids from Preschool Coloring Pages
Dental Health Resources

FREE Dental Health Sorting Activity from Teaching is a Work of Art on Teachers Pay Teachers
Dental Health Resources
This is a cut-and-paste dental health sorting activity (black and white)

Dental Health Mini-Unit: FREEBIE from Teacher’s Lounge on Teachers Pay Teachers
Dental Health Resources
Kids will have so much fun with these Dental Health Mini-Unit activities.

Dental Poem: Literacy & Math
How to Brush…: Writing
Tooth Fairy Application: Creative Writing
Dentist Organizer: Literacy & Real World
How to Brush Organizer: Literacy/Sequence

Dental Health Awareness FREEBIE! from 2livNlearn on Teachers Pay Teachers
Dental Health Resources
Celebrate Dental Health Awareness with this FREEBIE brought to you by 2livNlearn!

Dental Health Printable Book from Grade School Giggles on Teachers Pay Teachers
Dental Health Resources
This printable tooth shape book is perfect for Dental Health Month or a health lesson on teeth.

Did you know that teeth have three layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp? Your kids will know about the layers and parts of teeth after completing this shape book.

It includes….

• Tooth Shape Book

It covers….

• What inside a tooth?

FREE dental health mini-book from Teaching’s a Hoot by Nicole Johnson on Teachers Pay Teachers
Dental Health Resources
Just for fun, a FREE mini-book to celebrate dental health month in February. Booklet includes easy-to-read directions on how to care for teeth.




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Freebie Friday ~ Christmas Activities

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Christmas Resources

21 Days to Christmas! We’ve had quite a crazy year, haven’t we? Here are some fun free Christmas Activities to tide you over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Christmas Preschool Printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Christmas Resources
What’s Included in the Download?

Large Floor Numbers
Coloring Pages
Lacing Card
Do-A-Dot Marker Pages
Pre-Writing Activities
Pattern Activity
Roll-A-Tree Game
Color Matching Puzzles
Candy Cane Counting
Size Sorting
Christmas Puzzle
Scavenger Hunt
Letter C Magnet Page
Star Counting
and More!

100+ Free Christmas Printable Worksheets for Kids from iGame Mom
Christmas Resources
Today we are featuring more free Christmas printable worksheets for kids. We are all busy getting ready for the holidays, and have little time in preparing for kids’ activities. The beauty of these printables is you don’t need much prep time. All you need is to print them out, and kids usually know right away what to do.

400+ Free Christmas Learning Printable Activities for Kids from iGame Mom
Christmas Resources
I love printable worksheets, especially now you can have kids work on the printables directly on iPad, it becomes more convenient to use printable worksheets. Today we collected over 400 pages of Free Christmas printable activities for kids, including coloring, game, all incorporated learning, like numbers, alphabet, spelling, math, … Not standard worksheets, but fun activities. They cover different topics, subjects, for kids of different age levels.

Free Christmas Coloring Counting Book from 3Dinosaurs
Christmas Resources
What you will find in these printables:

Numbers 0 1o 10
Sight words: I, see
6 pages of printables
Different Christmas words and themes

Free 12 Days of Christmas Pack from 3Dinosaurs
Christmas Resources
12 Days of Christmas contains over 125 pages:
(part 1) 3 Part Cards, Which One is Different?, What Comes Next?, Prewriting Practice, Matching Cards, 4 Part Puzzles, 10 Part Puzzle, 3 Part Puzzles, 1-12 Writing, 1st – 12th Writing, (part 2) Begging Sound, Wall Cards, Trace Begging Sound, Trace Word, Write Word, Size Sequencing , Write a Sentence, Trace & Color, Color as you read or sing, Photo Dice cards, Roll & Count, Roll & Count Questions, Fill in the Missing Words, (part 3) Color the Pattern, Fill in the Missing Pattern, Words to make Sentences, How Many Syllables, Ways to Add or Subtract to Number

Tot Pack contains 45 pages:
Prewiritng Solid Line, Prewriting Dashed Line, Which one is Different, 2 part Puzzles, Color the Pear Tree, Matching Cards, 9 Piece Puzzles, Matching Pages, Roll & Count, Shape Tracing, Lacing Cards

Free Shelf Elf Pack Update! from 3Dinosaurs
Christmas Resources
Shelf Elf Pack contains 60 pages:
3 Part Cards, Beginning Sounds, Matching Cards, Read Write the Room, Pocket Cards, Which One Is Different, What Comes Next, Pre Writing Practice, Pattern Cards, 10 Piece Puzzles, 4 Piece Puzzles, Size Sorting, Sorting, Coloring Pages, Math Pages, Writing Pages, Graph the Room, Good & Bad Chart, Dot Marker Pages and more.

Tot Pack contains 15 pages:
Basic Prewriting, 2 Piece Puzzles, Matching, Coloring the Elf Hat, 9 Piece Puzzle

Forgetful Santa Easy Reader and Game for Christmas Fun from Royal Baloo
Christmas Resources
What’s in the Forgetful Santa Easy Reader Set?
Santa Easy Reader (two versions)
Roll a Santa Game
3 Part Cards

FREE Christmas PreK/K Pack {Updated and Expanded!} from This Reading Mama
Christmas Resources
1 emergent reader
phonological awareness activities, such as rhyming and counting syllables
letter sounds and phonics activities
fine motor activities, such as lacing cards, tracing pages, and poke page
math activities for numbers 1-20, dice games, and introduction to addition

Christmas Around the World Worksheets from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
Christmas Resources
These free printables are a great companion to go along with our entire series! You’ll find a sheet for each country, helpful links to learn more, coloring sheets, and so much more! This eBook will have something for kids from 2-12 years old!

Wombat Divine Christmas Kindergarten Literature Unit from 1+1+1=1
Christmas Resources
For this unit, I selected several Kindergarten Math and Literacy Goals to focus on.

There are over 20 activities to keep your Kindergartener engaged for quite awhile! Many tots, preschoolers and even 1st graders will enjoy this set! The main focus is Kindergarten but that isn’t exclusive! Below you can see a collage of all the printables included! Click each image to enlarge!




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Freebie Friday ~ Life Skills Resources

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Life Skills Resources

Life Skills covers a variety of topics, from personal hygiene to writing your resume. Here I’m sharing early education life skills resources. These resources are readily available. In South Africa, Life Skills is a subject taught in school and are mandatory from Grade R (Kindergarten) till Grade 12.

Life Skills Curriculum from Freedom Homeschooling
Life Skills Resources
[Here] you will find free homeschool life skills curriculum.

Life Skills Training: Autism & Independent Living Skills from Very Special Tales
Life Skills Resources
During the last 20 years, a variety of terms have been coined to describe those life skills that allow individuals to self-care and function independently in society. Amongst these terms, you will find independent living skills, daily living skills, functional curriculum, functional skills, life skills and survival skills.

Although they may not describe the exact same set of skills, they all describe sets of skills that empower us to become independent adults successfully functioning in our communities.

Kids learn many of those skills through observation and imitation. But the reality for children with disabilities (cognitive, developmental, physical, sensory) may be different.

Life skills training is vital for them. Skills that most kids learn through observation may need to be specifically trained in kids with disabilities.

Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Food Sort~ Pack a Healthy Lunch from 123kteach on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
Healthy and Unhealthy Food Sort: Students will learn to make healthy food choices as they sort food cards into healthy and unhealthy foods. Students will also draw and write what they would pack in a healthy lunch. Students can draw and label a healthy dinner. Recording sheets are available for all activities. This product includes a cut and paste healthy and unhealthy food sorting activity. You can differentiate your instruction as food cards are provided with words and pictures or just pictures and you also have a choice of recording sheets with primary lines or secondary lines.

Healthy and Unhealthy headers for pocket chart
20 food cards for sorting (with pictures and with pictures and words)
Recording sheets to record healthy and unhealthy foods (primary and secondary lined paper)
Recording sheets to draw and write what you would pack in a healthy lunch.(primary and secondary lined paper.)
Teaching students to eat properly is a valuable life long lesson that will promote a healthy lifestyle.

Monster Fun! Teaching Manners and Expectations from Growing Kinders on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
Here is a fun little packet for you to help teach manners and expectations in school the first few days of school! I hope you enjoy it!

Student Goal Setting Checklist from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
This checklist makes setting and tracking goals simple for kids! I have included 70 goals…including math, reading, and other skills! This set includes 3 choices of goal checklists (1, 2, or 3 goals). You can choose to give students a goal sheet weekly, monthly, etc. Have students choose goals from the picture sheet, then cut and paste their goals onto their goal sheet. At the end of the week or month have students check off whether they accomplished the goal. Then they will choose new goals to work on!

You could have students tape their goal sheet to their desk, paste it in a notebook, or keep it in a folder. The important thing is that they are revisiting it frequently to monitor their goals and keep track of their accomplishments. You can also keep these for parent conferences or send them home to keep parents informed of their child’s progress.

FREE Classroom Economy Pack from Laura Candler on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
Classroom Economy Pack offers classroom money patterns in a variety of denominations as well as directions for setting up a Classroom Economy system. You’ll find ideas for staging class auctions and other reward programs. Perfect for fostering financial literacy and for teaching kids how to manage money! This freebie also includes patterns for writing checks, a bank transaction record, and “brain bucks” to use as rewards.

Directions Quiz from Across the Hall on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
These quizzes are a fun way to reinforce following directions in your classroom at the beginning of the year or anytime your students need a refresher! There are two versions each of two different quizzes, so they can be used with all elementary grades!

What resources did I include in this product for you?
⬟ Two versions {primary and upper elementary} of the “Sneaky” Quiz
– Students should read through all directions before beginning…the last step states that they should not do any of the previous steps!
⬟ Two versions {primary and upper elementary} of the “Non-Sneaky” Quiz
– This is the same as the quiz above but without the sneaky last step! It’s still a great way to assess students following written directions independently!

Money Posters Display {Freebie} from Traci Bender – The Bender Bunch on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
This is a set of money posters that can be displayed in your classroom to help your students learn money. Each poster has a cute poem to make learning money fun. Coins included are quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. This set also includes a poster set with touch dots. These posters coordinate with the other items in my store labeled “Brights.”

Healthy Eating & Nutrition: I Can Eat a Rainbow {FREEBIE} from Curriculum Castle on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
Teach your students the importance of eating colorful fruits and vegetables every day through our “I Can Eat a Rainbow” activity! Included in this freebie are:

1. Directional Page with a step by step guide and ideas on how to complete this activity with your class.
2. Colorful Foods Chart (examples of fruits and vegetables for each color of the rainbow)
3. “I Can Eat a Rainbow” student printable

Safety Unit: Phone Number & Address from Just Go Teach on Teachers Pay Teachers
Life Skills Resources
This packet will give your students the practice they need for writing their phone number and home address. There is a phone sheet where students can practice touching the numbers on the phone. There is a sheet where students will practice writing their own name, their mother’s name and their father’s name. There is also an award certificate for when students have memorized their information.

Colorful phone are included for you to laminate and place at stations for student to practice. A black and white option is also included.




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Freebie Friday ~ Hawaiian Resources

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Hawaiian Resources

I just love Hawaiian resources. Hawaiian parties, the massive banana leaves, you name it! I just can’t get enough.

Here you can find a few Hawaii inspired educational freebies.

Coffee rubbed, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Skewers and Free Hawaiian Activity Pack for Kids from Happy & Blessed Home
Hawaiian Resources

State of Hawaii Crafts and Activities for Kids from Danielle’s Place
Hawaiian Resources
How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to Hawaii the Aloha State

Aloha! How to throw a Hawaiian Luau from My Silly Squirts
Hawaiian Resources
Everyone likes a Hawaiian luau, right? Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, birthday or for no reason at all, check out these simple tips to make this tropical celebration a success.

Hawaiian Luau Trivia from All Free Printable
Hawaiian Resources
Free Printable Hawaiian Luau Trivia Game. Free Printable Hawaiian Luau Trivia Game to have fun with your guests at the Luau party, school reunion or Hawaii themed birthday. Let’s find out how much you know about the Hawaiian Luau. Learn about Luau history, food, instruments, and traditions like Taro leaf, Kalua Pork, Imu, Ukulele, Kamehmeah II, Ka’eke’eke, Lei, Poi, Hula, and more from the Hawaiian Luau. The participant with most correct answers wins. The game includes 12 entertaining luau trivia questions and the answers sheet on page 2 (answers in bold). Click the link below to download or print the Hawaiian Luau Trivia Game now in PDF format. Have fun at the Luau Party with this free printable trivia quiz game!

U.S. State Maps from Layers of Learning
Hawaiian Resources
This exploration is for all ages, as the colored smilies show. Color U.S. state maps to show population, practice latitude and longitude, show landscapes, or depict rainfall, plus many more ideas.

Maps are excellent tools for learning geography. Not only can you learn locations and shapes of places but you can learn about landscapes, biomes, climate, and how people use the land.

Explore: USA – Hawaii from From ABCs to ACTs
Hawaiian Resources
Whether you’re looking for white sandy beaches, are fascinated by volcanoes, or are wanting to learn more about country’s current President, Hawaii is the state for you!

Did you know that the islands of Hawaii were actually created by volcanoes millions of years ago or that the state was once the Kingdom of Hawai’i and ruled by a monarchy? No? Well, that’s okay because we’re going to learn all of that and more!

50 States Series: Hawaii from Homeschool Giveaways
Hawaiian Resources
Hawaii is one of the states on my bucket list. Since it is not in the continental United States, it is a little more difficult to just pick and go. However, it is one that I want to visit with or without kids…I’m not that picky. I have a friend who’s husband is stationed in Hawaii and I absolutely love her pictures of the beaches and the trails she hikes. But for now, I’ll have to settle for studying the state, its history and looking at pictures.

Aloha FREEBIE! – Froggy Goes to Hawaii from Katie’s Kinders on Teachers Pay Teachers
Hawaiian Resources
Aloha! Here’s a fun little FREEBIE for you to bring some Hawaiian sunshine to your classroom. There are several activities included that are based on the book Froggy Goes to Hawaii by Jonathan London.
Here’s what you get:
-Story response activities
-Invented spelling activity
-Story maps
-Character maps
-Writing response papers

U.S. Regions – Alaska and Hawaii Collaborative Posters from Tied 2 Teaching on Teachers Pay Teachers
Hawaiian Resources
This Regions of the United States Research Collaborative Poster activity lets students work together to display their learning about Alaska and Hawaii Collaborative research poster activities are so much fun because they combine group work, with creativity, color and so much fun!

This collaborative U.S. regions social studies project includes 2 state collaborative research poster activities that can be displayed separately or placed together to form a large collaborative poster mural.

Print one time, break out the crayons and colored pencils, and watch your students work together like never before. Collaborative posters are great for teaching kids that each one of us only plays a part . . . but collectively we all make up something beautiful!


Hawaii Packet from Damien Cooper on Teachers Pay Teachers
Hawaiian Resources
An introduction packet about the state of Hawaii. Provides a map activity, fun facts, questions and writing as well as pictures to assist students with identifying information.




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Freebie Friday ~ Guy Fawkes Resources

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Guy Fawkes Resources

Guy Fawkes Day, also called Bonfire Night, is celebrated on November 5, commemorating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

The Gunpowder Plot conspirators, led by Robert Catesby, were zealous Roman Catholics enraged at King James I for refusing to grant greater religious tolerance to Catholics. They planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament (Palace of Westminster) during the state opening of Parliament, intending to kill the king and members of Parliament in order to clear the way to reestablishing Catholic rule in England. The plan failed when the conspirators were betrayed. One of them, Guy Fawkes, was taken into custody the evening before the attack, in the cellar where the explosives to be used were stashed. The other conspirators were all either killed resisting capture or—like Fawkes—tried, convicted, and executed. In the aftermath, Parliament declared November 5 a national day of thanksgiving, and the first celebration of it took place in 1606.[Source]

FREE! Festivals – Readings w/ Full Lesson Plans for ESL or High School Classes from The Laughing Linguist on Teachers Pay Teachers
Guy Fawkes Resources
★Your students will love their new reading material. Truly engaging topics rather than the snooze-fest that textbooks often provide them with. Colourful, high-quality readings with interesting topics that are bound to catch the interest of your students.

★★★FREE download package includes 3 intermediate/advanced (B2/A1) readings:

☛ Guy Fawkes Night/ Bonfire Night,
☛ Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls
☛ Burning Man Festival

FREE – Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) – British Festival Reading Lesson from The Laughing Linguist on Teachers Pay Teachers
Guy Fawkes Resources
FREE Reading lesson with Full lesson plan. Work with your students to learn about the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot and it’s annual celebration. It contains pre-reading activities, a reading, synonym match, comprehension check & discussion starters.

The Gunpowder Plot: On November 5th, 1602, Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators were arrested trying to plant explosives under the Houses of Parliament and blow up King James I and the House of Lords. The foiling of this plot is celebrated to this day and involves the dressing up of a doll, named a “Guy”, who is put on top of a bonfire and burnt. The celebration also involves heavy use of fireworks, leading it to be often called Fireworks Night. It’s a really interesting festival and makes an interesting change from the usual diet of Thanksgiving and Halloween lessons that students get fed every fall!

Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night song | History | La La La Learn from on Teachers Pay Teachers
Guy Fawkes Resources
The story of Guy Fawkes and how Bonfire Night came to be; told through the medium of music.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Bonfire night mini pack from Worms Eye View on Teachers Pay Teachers
Guy Fawkes Resources
This is a mini pack all about Bonfire night. Including a fireworks safety page, colouring pictures and the story of Guy Fawkes.

Bonfire Night Guided reading comprehension texts – Guy Fawkes from Teacher’s Time Turner on Teachers Pay Teachers
Guy Fawkes Resources
Take a look at these Bonfire Night comprehension texts. If you are looking for something to use for you class in the run up to Guy Fawkes night then these are ideal.

The resource is made up of three texts of about 12 lines of text with 6 questions following.

Please note – as this is a resource about the British holiday of Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes, it uses British English spelling. This may be a good talking point for your class if you do not usually use these spellings.

ESL Reading activity and game (British Culture) Bonfire Night on Nov 5th from PIA on Teachers Pay Teachers
Guy Fawkes Resources
Here is a loop game and reading activity about Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes night for ESL learners. I hope this will be useful for both of you and your students.

Bonfire Night Writing Task Cards from Holly Rachel on Teachers Pay Teachers
Guy Fawkes Resources
This Bonfire Night freebie is the perfect starting point for writing activities based on Guy Fawkes Night, the 5th November.

Included are 16 task cards, four per page. Simply print, laminate for durability and cut out and they will be ready to inspire your students! Writing tasks include poetry, instructions, persuasion, recount and much more!




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Freebie Friday ~ Friendship Resources

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Friendship Resources

Creating friendship develops life skills that will increase your child’s wisdom, confidence and self-esteem. Children will learn the meaning of true friendship. They will learn that a good friend will have their best interests at heart and have their back. Someone who is not your friend will not have these qualities. [Source]

FREEBIE! Friendship Writing prompt paper from Katie Byrd on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Hope you can use this cute and free writing prompt paper with your young students. A great theme for BTS or any time of year! Includes a page of lines for back side as well.

Friendship Cards Social Skills Prompts from Rachel Lynette on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Some kids make friends naturally, but for others, making and keeping friends is not so easy. Studies have shown that having even one friend significantly improves a child’s emotional health and school performance. Some children may struggle to make and keep friends because they do not intuitively know how to be a good friend. Teaching these children friendship strategies may help. Use these friendship cards individually as writing prompts or in groups for discussion.

#KindnessRules : FREE Friendship Differentiated Journals (Special Education) from Breezy Special Ed on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
This Friendship Journal includes:

• Classroom sample provides a picture, title, and four simple sentence starters with three *errorless* options to finish each sentence.

• Level 1 students “Non-writers” can color in the picture, trace the title, and cut and paste symbols (with or without aide support) to complete the sentence with their thoughts.

• Level 2 students “Tracers” can color in the picture, draw their own, trace the title and sentence starters and finish the thought by circling and/or writing one of the 3 choices on their paper.

• Level 3 students “Writers” have a blank journal where they draw and color the picture on their own, copy the sentences from the classroom sample, and also complete the sentence with the choice on the classroom sample (or cover up the choices and have them complete the thoughts on their own!)

#especiallyeducation Friendship Treats
from Especially Education on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Do you cook in the classroom? Your kids with LOVE this friendship treat recipe!

Friendship Activity – How to be a Bucket Filler (Free Download) from Rainbow Sky Creations on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
An awesome way to introduce Bucket Fillers into your classroom! Included in this pack is an explanation of what a bucket filler is, a BLM to brainstorm ways to be a bucket filler and a template for a bucket filler/compliment activity.

Ideal to use throughout the year as a friendship activity and/or to promote kindness in your classroom.


· What is a Bucket Filler
· How to be a Bucket Filler brainstorm
· Class Bucket Filler activity

No further teacher prep needed, simply print and use!

Free Kindergarten Emergency Sub Plan Friendship from The Kinder Life – Amy McDonald on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
FREE NO PREP kindergarten sub plan all about friendship! This pack is perfect for any emergency sub day or a day packed with friendship themed activities! This sub pack includes activities for reading, math, writing, social studies, and science. If in a pinch, just email this pack to a collague to print and you are set!

Teaching Friendship in the Classroom {FREE printables} from TheHappyTeacher on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Teach students about friendship with these student activities & printables. After reading the book “Peanut Butter & Cupcake” by Terry Border, create an anchor chart about the characteristics of a good friend.

In this freebie, you’ll find two printables where students can brainstorm how to be a good friend. Additionally, there are three writing activities.

1. List 5 ways to make friends
2. Write about a time when you were a good friend. Illustrate.
3. Write about a time when you were NOT a good friend. How could you have been a better friend? How did you feel? How did your friend feel?

Friendship Freebie {A Wrinkled Heart} {Beginning of the Year Activity} from Khrys Greco on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
I hope you are able to use this fun little freebie with your class. My kids had a blast with it and it was an extremely meaningful bonding activity. Thanks for downloading – please leave feedback if you are happy with the product! I appreciate you!

Free Friendship Activities Sorting Categories from Teaching Autism on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
These free friendship task cards are a great way for students to work on and understanding what makes a good friend. These will work great as part of your friendship activities. There are 13 different task includes included, providing your students with multiple opportunities to look at scenarios and decide if the scenario makes the person a good friend or not.

Your kindergarten, special education and autism students will love working on their categorizing skills with these good friend vs not goo friend sorting cards.

There are 13 different task cards included. Each task card contains an image of a scenario. Students need to decide where the scenario belongs out of the 2 categories on the bottom of the card – good friend or not good friend.

Respect, Fairness and Friendship Activities from Amber Polk on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Three Activities to review and discuss respect, self-respect, fairness and friendship.

Activities Include:
Respect Comic Strip
The Fairly Fabulous Game Show
Wanted:True Friend Poster




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