Freebie Friday ~ Letter of the Week Roundup

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Our Letter of the Week posts have been incredibly successful and I thought putting them in a, easy to find, single post, would help you all tremendously. We would like to that all of you for your continued support over the last 10 years. We greatly appreciate it.

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Freebie Friday ~ Letter E Resources

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Letter E Resources

5 FREE Preschool Worksheets for Preschool Alphabet Letter E from Happy & Blessed Home
Letter E Resources
If you’re looking for fun, free printables for your preschooler, you are in the right place. Here I am sharing 5 FREE Preschool Worksheets for Preschool Alphabet Letter E. It’s a sample pack from our family’s preschool at home program, Visual Montessori, based upon the 12 sensitive periods as outlined in Montessori.

If you enjoy the FREE 5 Preschool Worksheets for Preschool Alphabet Letter E, you may also like the entire Letter E Printable Pack, it includes 30 activities focused on learning the letter “E” and short words that start with the letter “E”

Prek Letter E from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Letter E Resources
Welcome to the Letter E where we’ll be having fun with Elephants.

Letter E Worksheets – Alphabet Series from Easy Peasy Learners
Letter E Resources
You will find 8 worksheets in each of our alphabet series worksheets set.

Preschool Letter E Activities: Letter of the Week from Teach Beside Me
Letter E Resources
The Preschool Letter of the Week series continues with today’s preschool letter E activities. Some things to focus on for the Letter E week include Elephant, Ear, Egg and Earth, Engines, Easter, Eyes.

Letter of the Week: Letter E from One Beautiful Home
Letter E Resources
Each packet has a total of 8 printable sheets, that not only focus on a specific letter BUT they will also introduce / work on:

A lot of Handwriting Practice
Search & Find
…and more!

Free Letter E Printable Pack from Fun with Mama
Letter E Resources
This free Letter E preschool printable learning pack is another addition to our Free alphabet ABC Printable Packs. Each activity pack is filled with fun activities, worksheets, clip cards and activities suitable for young children ages 3-7. This is the perfect addition to use with our printable alphabet letter crafts too!

FREE Letter E Do-A-Dot Printables – Uppercase & Lowercase! from MPM Ideas
Letter E Resources
Letter E worksheets like these are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. They provide a fun and easy way to practice letter recognition skills for both uppercase and lowercase letters. There are two versions of the Do-A-Dot printables available, one with white backgrounds and one with gray backgrounds. If you don’t have Do-A-Dot markers to color these letter E coloring pages, you can always use regular markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc. We hope these dot painting printables provide a fun way to teach letter E concepts to your students!

Letter E: Free Alphabet Worksheets for Kids from Roaming Rosie
Letter E Resources
Here are all of the printable PDFs for the Letter E. They are free for home and classroom use, but please don’t sell or reproduce them.

E is for Eagle and Easter Eggs
E is for Earth
E is for Elephants Eating Eggplants
E is for Emergency
E is for Eyes Googly Eye Worksheet
E is for Spotted Eagle Dot Marker Coloring Page

Free Letter E printable – E is for Elephant! from The Measured Mom
Letter E Resources
Grab this free letter E printable!




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PreK week in review: Letter of the Week ~ E

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 photo 20131023_104716_zps9e5509a1.jpg

I just love all the work Fifi is doing with the LOTW curriculum. She begs to “do school” even when we are done for the day. She is so eager to learn and the fun activities don’t hurt either! Here is what she worked on this week.

This week’s letter E wall. The letters on the sticks were made by the kidlets last year
 photo 20131023_104710_zps00445bd4.jpg

She coloured a Lalaloopsy cover for her PreK file
 photo IMG_20131021_112157_zps51014051.jpg
 photo IMG_20131021_115957_zpsc91833c6.jpg

Gluing activities from the LOTW curriculum and our Kumon More Lets Sticker and Paste
 photo 20131023_123058_zpsa8c339fb.jpg  photo 20131023_123046_zps68e3e5cb.jpg

Making the letter E shape with unifix blocks
 photo IMG_20131021_120516_zpse2504928.jpg  photo 20131021_121638_zpse7c5e562.jpg

Colour sorting
 photo 20131023_114309_zps1afafcde.jpg

 photo 20131023_111040_zpsc8e1edad.jpg

Letter E puzzle
 photo 20131023_112656_zps87f24751.jpg

Letter sorting from Creative Learning Fun
 photo 20131021_130545_zps16188240.jpg

Cutting activity from LOTW I had her glue the cut pieces onto a piece of paper so we can put it into her file  photo 20131023_104702_zpsf68d9139.jpg

Beanbag toss
 photo 20131021_125509_zps99bc3f4e.jpg

Feed the Elephant counting game
 photo IMG_7561_zps58f26c2d.jpg
 photo IMG_7560_zps968ab272.jpg

Fifi completed two workbooks (unrelated to the LOTW curriculum) this week and received certificates of achievement.

First Time Learning – Numbers
 photo IMG_7562_zps159253c3.jpg

First Time Learning – Counting 1 to 10
 photo IMG_7563_zps0a9fe6cc.jpg.




Previous for the Letter of the Week Curriculum: Letter A

Confessions of a HomeschoolerLOTWBinder-258x300

The Letter of the Week is a full 26 week preschool course designed to give your student a head-start on preparing for kindergarten! It is a 26 week curriculum that’s full of educational activities that focus on the letter recognition, sounds, number recognition, counting, basic math skills, pre-writing practice, and all the necessary fine-motor skills that will be required for your preschooler to be ready for kindergarten! Included are weekly lesson plans that cover all the subjects a preschooler needs and more!

Letter of the Week Recap: Letters A, E, I, O, U & B

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Letter of the week
~Koko 36 – 39 Months~







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Tot School ~ Letter of the Week Ee

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Preschool CornerLetter of the week
~Koko is 37 months old~

Last week we worked on the letter Ee. Koko really loves these lessons ♥

He made a E collage (I forgot to take a photo of the finished product, I’ll have to take one and upload it soon *blush*)

He uses Noo’s math manipulatives to complete the Do-a-dot pages and the graphing pages

He is still trying to get the hang of cutting with scissors

His shape of the week was Squares

He even tried to write his name ♥

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Letter Aa