Poppins Book Nook ~ Treasure Island {Part 1}

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Treasure Island (Classic Starts) By Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island (Classic Starts)
By Robert Louis Stevenson

For the next two months we are reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I decided to do a double month of this book seeing as the themes we have for June and July are “The Great Outdoors” and “Ye Old Pirates”. There are so many different activities that can be done with this book. This month we spent 99 % of our dedicated book club time reading the book and when we were done with the theme, the kids made treasure boxes with modelling clay (Fifi) and air drying clay (Koko).


Koko and Fifi are monthly subscribers of the Kidazzle Kids Craft Club and they receive awesome arts and crafts kits every month. Last month they received a modelling clay kit and it was perfect for our Book Nook theme this month. How is that for timing?

 photo 20140623_134500_zpseuuy2mzz.jpg

We spent one afternoon out in the warm sun making their treasure boxes. Pixie was napping at this point and the kids could sit and work leisurely without having the little monster causing chaos.

 photo 20140623_135355_zpstxiqjmwe.jpg

 photo 20140623_135601_zpsrsxobmil.jpg

 photo 20140623_140030_zps4ww52ws3.jpg

Koko drew the treasure map on the lid of his treasure box

 photo 20140623_140745_zpselxku5lx.jpg

 photo 20140623_135357_zpsgyzvzmtt.jpg

 photo 20140623_140033_zps2hxwh16r.jpg

 photo 20140623_135604_zpspjqkhwut.jpg

Its a little to cold here and air drying the boxes would have taken forever. Koko’s baked perfectly while this was Fifi’s box. Modelling clay CANNOT be put in the oven. This picture was taken 5 minutes after putting it into a low oven. Her new box is still drying, I will feature it next month. *face palm*

 photo 20140623_142823_zpsq2puv11q.jpg

Koko’s treasure box. He decided to leave it unpainted to make it look dirty since it was supposedly buried for a long time.

 photo 20140630_133422_zpsslnfpkvu.jpg

Koko’s treasure box with treasure.

 photo 20140630_133503_zpsrmqlbklr.jpg

Be sure to check in again next month to see the activities I have planned as we continue to navigate the pirate infested waters!




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