Summer Break is upon us

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In just 6 short days we’ll be taking our summer break, which will last for one week before we officially start Grade 2. Noo is super excited to get started and I am already getting our lesson plans ready for the first month. I plan a month’s worth of lessons at a time, that way I know exactly what is going to happen on which day. Some lessons might take longer or shorter than initially expected, but that’s ok. With homeschooling we can be as flexible as the situation requires.

This week Noo will be finishing his readers for grade 1 and completing his assessments for the fourth term. On Thursday and Friday he will be completing the in depth assessments which will be mailed to Clonard Home Education (our curriculum providers) for grading. These assessments will be sent to them with the quarterly assessments, attendance register, Continuous Assessment booklet (which I complete as we go along) and the Daily planner (which I also complete). Once they have gone through his assessment papers and my books, we will receive these back with a certificate of completion for Grade 1.