Recycling craft: Building Emerald City

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I found the inspiration for this activity on the Crayola web site. The kidlets loved it.

As part of our monthly Poppin Book Nook theme we read the Wonderful Wizard of Oz (keep an eye out on the post on 29 April) and I decided that one of the activities would be building the Emerald City. The kidlets LOVED it, Koko especially.

We used the following items:
18 toilet rolls
1 medium sized pizza box
Masking tape
Yellow paint
Blue paint (to make green)
Pen (to draw the bricks on the yellow brick road)

Here are a few photos of the process and the end result.

Putting together the TP rolls to form the towers
emerald city photo IMG_7249_zps1ead6941.jpg
 photo IMG_7250_zps5159b363.jpg
 photo IMG_7251_zps8d48cfdb.jpg
Painting the Pizza box, complete with the Yellow Brick Road

Painting the pizza box and TP rolls green to look like the Emerald city spires
emerald city photo IMG_7253_zpsa35254fb.jpg
emerald city photo IMG_7298_zps1936d736.jpg
 photo IMG_7302_zpsc6e45c70.jpg

The completed Emerald City
 photo IMG_7306_zps7e5598f1.jpg
 photo IMG_7307_zps830018eb.jpg


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