Free Feeling and Emotion Printables

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Teaching children to “read” feeling and emotion expressions on others can be difficult. To help them learn how to deal with these emotions can sometimes be even harder. Below are some free printable downloads available across the internet to help you help your child learn the different emotions, how to react to them and in, turn, help them deal with their internal emotions.

Communi-CRATE Worksheets from Sheffkids
Here are a range of worksheets developed by the Children’s Involvement Team, to aid direct work with children and young people. The worksheets are all around children’s wishes and feelings.

Feelings Sorting Cards from Lanie’s Little Learners at Teachers Pay Teachers
Feelings Sorting Cards: The packet contains 9 feelings sorting cards perfect to use in circle time, small groups, and math centers. I am using the Feelings Sorting Cards in my Safe Place area based on Conscious Discipline to encourage children to recognize facial expressions. I am also introducing the Feelings Sorting Cards as part of my Feelings Theme to use at the beginning of the school year.

Feelings Coloring Page Poster: Emotional Intelligence Vocabulary from The Helpful Counselor at Teachers Pay Teachers
Feelings Coloring Page Poster helps to promote self-awareness.

Feelings Flipcards from at Teachers Pay Teachers
Feelings Flipcards are bookmark style cards that can be added to a metal ring. When a learner feels an emotion and they don’t know what to do, he/she can flip through the cards and remember! The Feelings Flipcards can be customized too!

Feelings Bingo from Maria Deicas at Teachers Pay Teachers
Feelings Bingo. Great game for small kids! basic emotions vocabulary

Feelings Chart {for early childhood students} from Erin Nation at Teachers Pay Teachers
Use in a guidance and counseling setting or in the general classroom to assist early childhood students to express their emotions through images.

Feelings Fun Freebie – worksheets to go with the Feelings Fun product from Brandy Baele at Teachers Pay Teachers
FREE! This freebie includes three worksheets and answer keys to go with the Feelings Fun Product in my TpT store – Brandy Baele. Print in color or grayscale. I print them in color and put them in clear sheet protectors so my students can use dry erase markers on them. Great for centers, individual practice, or small group. Check out the Feelings Fun product in my TpT store that includes many activities including 80 feeling situation cards, 2 feelings boards, and 40 feelings flowers.

Feel Good Class Activity ~ Kindness ~ Anti Bullying from The Bad Apple at Teachers Pay Teachers
This freebie feel good class activity will really help to boost morale and motivate your students. Sometimes they just need to know that they are loved and appreciated! This mini-lesson includes a template, directions, and pictures from when I used the activity in my class. It really helped my students to realize that their classmates appreciate them.

Feeling Chart from Growing Kidlets at Teachers Pay Teachers
I created this feeling chart to use at a cool down/ time out location to help students to identify their feelings.

Feelings Scenario Cards from Splendor in Kinder at Teachers Pay Teachers
This file includes 18 different scenarios. Students read the scenarios and decide what feelings they would feel if the scenarios happened to them.

Feelings and Emotions Match for Autism from Inspired by Evan Autism Resources at Teachers Pay Teachers
Match the word to the face with that emotion on the face. Also print, cut, laminate feelings choice strip for portable communication.

Feelings Worksheet from Priscilla Crews at Teachers Pay Teachers
This worksheet can be used to accompany a lesson on feelings or for DRDP assessments. Students will identify and match-up the emotion words by circling the correct corresponding picture next to it.

Feeling Afraid: How to Deal with Fear from Little Miss Friday at Teachers Pay Teachers
Guidance lesson that describes what it means to feel afraid. The lesson also differentiates between normal fears and fears that may require help from an adult.

Feelings Count from Taber at Teachers Pay Teachers
This is a counting worksheet. There are random faces that are not in a line or pattern that the students are to count and record the number. I use this to get my students to cross out items as they count. I also have my students tell me how they knew how the person was feeling and record their responses on the back.

Feelings-prek-lesson plans using NC Foundations and Creative Curriculum from Ms Nicole at Teachers Pay Teachers
This is a lesson plan about feelings – NC Foundations goals and objectives- can be used with Creative Curriculum

Kids in Action: Faces 2 Clip Art 18 FREE pngs to Show Feelings and Emotions from Rebekah Brock at Teachers Pay Teachers
How are YOU feeling today? Let your students SHOW you with Kids in Action: Faces 2 FREE Clip Art! Help children of all abilities describe how they are feeling with the point of a finger. As with all the Kids in Action Clip Art sets, my hand-drawn, full-color images of multicultural children will delight both you and your students–and have a million uses!

Printable for Kids – Blank Faces from U Create
I made these for the kids the other day and I couldn’t believe something so simple could entertain them for hours! One sheet of paper = hours of imagination play! I gave each child a sheet of blank faces and they let their imagination run wild…

FLASH CARDS from Seeing K.E.M.P.
It is interesting to also look at things like flashcards and cards used to help with learning. I have always been interested in flash cards and the reduction of information. This always makes them seem slightly odd

Five Little Pumpkins Flashcards from Super Simple Learning
Practice emotions vocabulary and counting with the “Five Little Pumpkins.” Great for Halloween or anytime of year. Contains 10 flashcards: smiling, happy, pouting, grumpy, yawning, sleepy, crying, sad, laughing, playing.

I love the little pumpkin feeling song they link back to.

Don’t Be An ANGRY BIRD: Lessons on Anger Management for Kids from The Home Teacher
…I started to see a lot of connections between the Angry Bird game and my own little angry “chick”. The angry faces, the lashing out at others, etc. Her anger was a big emotion for such a small child to control. So the idea was “hatched”(pun totally intended): use the Angry Birds as a way for teaching anger management to my daughter!

LEGO Express from itlego on Tumblr

Easy Readers – I feel… from 1+1+1=1

Feelings Tot-Book from 1+1+1=1
I am so glad to be starting Krash’s new school year off with a unit on FEELINGS! Of course he had to have a snazzy new Tot Book to work with so I got to creating. I got going and decided he was ready to try a full sized folder this time, plus I had a few ideas in mind that would need more space than the 1/2 sized folder. Here’s how we are laying ours out…

CRAFTivities: Speaking Of Feelings from Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
I have had this idea for months and months and it’s FAR from complete but I wanted to share with you some of the basic idea and the resources since we are talking about feelings.




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