Disney’s Descendants Movie Review

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Today we went to our first movie premier for Disney’s Descendants! It was fantastic. We walked down the red carpet with camera’s rolling and the kids had an absolutely fantastic day! Fifi invited one of her best friends, T, to join us.

When we arrived this morning, we noticed signs that a show would be filmed while we were there and we had to sign waivers allowing them to use footage of us! The kids were super excited to participate. We then saw that we’d be walking down a red carpet and into an entertainment area with a buffet full of yummy treats and sandwiches to fill our bellies before going into the movie theatre.

20150822 descendents

They had photographers there taking photos of the patrons and they were even allowed to dress up. Fifi, Pixie and T had tons of fun posing for the camerA.


The movie reminded me quite a bit of High School Musical. I love that each character has a back story and that they bring in their parents’ stories too. Without giving to much away, this movie is AWESOME. If you like musical shows, this one’s for you! All the kidlets loved it, even Koko!


Click on the image to read more about the main characters. This image was created by ichaelbarnes on Deviant Art.

Descendants – Coming this September!

In the magical kingdom of Auradon, Prince Ben, the son of King Beast and Queen Belle, is preparing to take the throne. His first official proclamation: the children of the Isle of the Lost, home to the most infamous villains, should be given the chance to live in Auradon. Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay travel outside the realms of the island prison for the first time in their lives. Will they follow in their parents’ evil footsteps, or will they choose to embrace their goodness and save the kingdom?


Don’t miss Descendants on 18 September 2015 at 5pm, only on Disney Channel!

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