Freebie Friday ~ Friendship Resources

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Friendship Resources

Creating friendship develops life skills that will increase your child’s wisdom, confidence and self-esteem. Children will learn the meaning of true friendship. They will learn that a good friend will have their best interests at heart and have their back. Someone who is not your friend will not have these qualities. [Source]

FREEBIE! Friendship Writing prompt paper from Katie Byrd on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Hope you can use this cute and free writing prompt paper with your young students. A great theme for BTS or any time of year! Includes a page of lines for back side as well.

Friendship Cards Social Skills Prompts from Rachel Lynette on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Some kids make friends naturally, but for others, making and keeping friends is not so easy. Studies have shown that having even one friend significantly improves a child’s emotional health and school performance. Some children may struggle to make and keep friends because they do not intuitively know how to be a good friend. Teaching these children friendship strategies may help. Use these friendship cards individually as writing prompts or in groups for discussion.

#KindnessRules : FREE Friendship Differentiated Journals (Special Education) from Breezy Special Ed on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
This Friendship Journal includes:

• Classroom sample provides a picture, title, and four simple sentence starters with three *errorless* options to finish each sentence.

• Level 1 students “Non-writers” can color in the picture, trace the title, and cut and paste symbols (with or without aide support) to complete the sentence with their thoughts.

• Level 2 students “Tracers” can color in the picture, draw their own, trace the title and sentence starters and finish the thought by circling and/or writing one of the 3 choices on their paper.

• Level 3 students “Writers” have a blank journal where they draw and color the picture on their own, copy the sentences from the classroom sample, and also complete the sentence with the choice on the classroom sample (or cover up the choices and have them complete the thoughts on their own!)

#especiallyeducation Friendship Treats
from Especially Education on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Do you cook in the classroom? Your kids with LOVE this friendship treat recipe!

Friendship Activity – How to be a Bucket Filler (Free Download) from Rainbow Sky Creations on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
An awesome way to introduce Bucket Fillers into your classroom! Included in this pack is an explanation of what a bucket filler is, a BLM to brainstorm ways to be a bucket filler and a template for a bucket filler/compliment activity.

Ideal to use throughout the year as a friendship activity and/or to promote kindness in your classroom.


· What is a Bucket Filler
· How to be a Bucket Filler brainstorm
· Class Bucket Filler activity

No further teacher prep needed, simply print and use!

Free Kindergarten Emergency Sub Plan Friendship from The Kinder Life – Amy McDonald on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
FREE NO PREP kindergarten sub plan all about friendship! This pack is perfect for any emergency sub day or a day packed with friendship themed activities! This sub pack includes activities for reading, math, writing, social studies, and science. If in a pinch, just email this pack to a collague to print and you are set!

Teaching Friendship in the Classroom {FREE printables} from TheHappyTeacher on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Teach students about friendship with these student activities & printables. After reading the book “Peanut Butter & Cupcake” by Terry Border, create an anchor chart about the characteristics of a good friend.

In this freebie, you’ll find two printables where students can brainstorm how to be a good friend. Additionally, there are three writing activities.

1. List 5 ways to make friends
2. Write about a time when you were a good friend. Illustrate.
3. Write about a time when you were NOT a good friend. How could you have been a better friend? How did you feel? How did your friend feel?

Friendship Freebie {A Wrinkled Heart} {Beginning of the Year Activity} from Khrys Greco on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
I hope you are able to use this fun little freebie with your class. My kids had a blast with it and it was an extremely meaningful bonding activity. Thanks for downloading – please leave feedback if you are happy with the product! I appreciate you!

Free Friendship Activities Sorting Categories from Teaching Autism on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
These free friendship task cards are a great way for students to work on and understanding what makes a good friend. These will work great as part of your friendship activities. There are 13 different task includes included, providing your students with multiple opportunities to look at scenarios and decide if the scenario makes the person a good friend or not.

Your kindergarten, special education and autism students will love working on their categorizing skills with these good friend vs not goo friend sorting cards.

There are 13 different task cards included. Each task card contains an image of a scenario. Students need to decide where the scenario belongs out of the 2 categories on the bottom of the card – good friend or not good friend.

Respect, Fairness and Friendship Activities from Amber Polk on Teachers Pay Teachers
Friendship Resources
Three Activities to review and discuss respect, self-respect, fairness and friendship.

Activities Include:
Respect Comic Strip
The Fairly Fabulous Game Show
Wanted:True Friend Poster




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