Freebie Friday ~ Happy New Year 2021

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New Year 2021

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s almost 2021?! What a year this has been. Here are a few free New Year activities to tide you over for the next week. Enjoy!

FREE Printable New Year’s Game from Toys in the Dryer
New Year 2021
Where does time go? I feel like each year goes faster and faster the older I get… It’s been tradition to spend New Year’s with our neighbors but last year we broke that tradition and hung out with friends from our marina. This year, we are truly torn as to where we want to celebrate. Either place we decide to go, I’m bringing this fun, free printable New Year’s game to play.

Happy New Year Around the World from MsOReadsBooks on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
These are some b&w bookmarks (to make them easily copiable) of kids from around the world and how you would say Happy New Year in their languages. Or, at least how the internet says you would say Happy New Year. Can’t personally vouch for any language but English and Spanish.

Happy New Year! – Ring in the New Year! from Kathy Goosev Howell on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
Happy New Year!
Ring in the New Year with this cute bell!

Have a class discussion about the definition of a New Year’s Resolution. Resolution means you promise to do or not do something.

Ask your students to think about what kind of resolutions they would like to make for the New Year.

Now your students are ready to do some writing. Have your students choose one New Year’s Resolution they resolve (promise) to do or not do.

Have them write it on a practice paper. Edit it. Then have them rewrite it on their Ring in the New Year! bell. These are great to hang up on a bulletin board for January.

During the month of January have your students review what they wrote and check to see if they are following their resolutions.

Happy New Year! Alphabet Match from Growing Kinders on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
Your students will enjoy matching upper and lower case letters with these festive hat cards! Play as a game of memory, in a pocket chart, or go fish! A response sheet is also included for students to practice writing their letters.

Happy New Year Color By Code – Vowel Sounds from Kathy Law on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
Students will be actively engaged as they work to discover the hidden picture!

Practice short and long vowel sounds using this original activity created by Kathy Law.

Happy New Year Free worksheet on ABC Order from BB Kidz on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
Try this Happy New Year ABC Order worksheet.
One has the ABC strip on the top and one does not.

Happy New Year: Math and Literacy Printables- FREEBIE from Cassie Thompson on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
This freebie is 3 pages from my Happy New Year: A Math & Literacy Unit.

Happy New Year’s Typography Clip Art Freebie by The 3AM Teacher!! from The 3am Teacher on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
I have included 3 bright Happy New Year graphics for you to use!!

Happy New Year from Misha Frander on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
Happy New Year!
Enjoy this New Year Word search and Writing Activity!

Happy New Year mini reader from Mrs Stocks School Supplies on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year 2021
Welcome your students back from break with this New Year’s mini reader! It includes the sight words: did, the, get, you, to, are. In black and white for students to color.

Pages include:
Did you get the hats? Yes!
Did you get the balloons? Yes!
Did you get the horns? Yes!
Did you get the confetti? Yes!
Are you ready to count down? Yes!
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!
Happy New Year! Happy 20__! (Students can write the year)




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Freebie Friday ~ New Year Printables

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New Year Printables

Can you believe its almost 2019? Here are a few New Year printables I have recently come across.

Free Printable Happy New Year Banner Letters from Paper Trail Design
New Year Printables
Use these free printable Happy New Year banner letters to make a Happy New Year banner, 2019 banner, Cheers banner or whatever message you’s like to display for the New Year celebration this year. We created black an gold confetti banner letters, number, and symbols so that you can decorate with whatever message you like.

Free Printable Happy New Year 2019 Coloring Pages – New Year Coloring Pages 2019 from Trends Clubs
New Year Printables
New Year Coloring Pages 2019. Glad New Year Coloring Pages: There are numerous choices to observe New Year in an astonishing way since it is an extraordinary satisfaction day for individuals. As we probably am aware exceptionally well that there are couple of occasions from Christmas to New Year and youthful age dependably want to travel to another country with companions for new year festivity. Yet, on the off chance that you need to give stimulation to children and grown-ups then get free printable New Year Coloring pages and request that they shading it. By these Coloring pages we can without much of a stretch make a best future grins for you. Download these Happy New Year Coloring Sheets and shading pages for nothing. Glad new year shading pages adorns your classrooms and study room too.

Happy New Year Word Search FREEBIE from Puzzles to Print on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year Printables
Your students will enjoy looking for all of the fun New Year vocabulary words hidden in this puzzle worksheet. The words are hidden in all directions making this a challenging word search. A great activity for early finishers or just for something fun to take home and enjoy.

The 32 hidden vocabulary words are: Auld Lang Syne, Baby, Ball, Balloons, Calendar, Celebration, Clock, Confetti, Countdown, Dancing, December, Eve, Father Time, Firecracker, First, Games, Happy, Hat, Hourglass, January, Kiss, Midnight, Music, Noise Maker, Party, Resolution, Sparkler, Streamer, Times Square, Tradition, Vow, Year.

Happy New Year coloring page 2019 for kids, toddlers, printables from Happy New Year Eve 2019 Quotes
New Year Printables
Happy new year 2019 coloring pages are going to make your New year vacations memorable as they are full of freshness and positive vibes. Especially kids are going to love them. It will also help you to occupy them in some creative activities. New Year Coloring activities are very essential for the overall development of children. So, this New Year shows some kindness to yourself and your family, keep aside your mobile phones/tablets aside and spend some time in coloring activities.

Happy New Year Coloring Pages Free Printable from Paper Trail Design
New Year Printables
Print our happy New Year coloring pages free printable for kids or adults and ring in the New Year. There are two “Happy New Year” pages and 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 coloring pages to help you celebrate this year and next. These simple pages are a fun way to pass time until midnight. Have a safe and happy New Year!

Printable Happy New Year Coloring Pages 2019 fromNappy New Year 2018 Images
New Year Printables
Printable Happy New Year Coloring Pages 2019

Free Printable 2019 Planner 50 Plus Printable Pages!!! from
New Year Printables
We have had so many requests for a 2019 version of our Planner …so since we LOVE giving you what you want…we are celebrating this Free Printable Friday with a Free Printable 2019 Planner 50 Plus Printable Pages. It is back with all your favorites plus a new 2019 Calendar Page …new individual 2019 Calendar Pages and 12 new Inspirational Quotes which is a fun way to start off a new Month. So if you need to keep track of your Daily Schedule…we have you covered… if you need a Menu Planner… we have that too… how about a Bill Tracker…we have that too… we even have a Password Keeper… Appointment Tracker… Friends and Family Mailing List…Notes…Shopping List…Pet Information…we even have a Doodle Page for you which seems to be everyone’s favorite!

New Year’s Resolutions from Jen Bengel on Teachers Pay Teachers
New Year Printables
Included in this resource:
* A New Years themed reading graphic organizer to use during independent reading time (great for assessments too!)
* 2 printable, no prep puzzles (with answer keys, when appropriate)
* A New Year’s themed word work activity
* A printable, no prep New Year’s themed writing prompt PLUS writing paper
* Writing and Reading Resolution graphic organizers
* A fun New Years group activity!

Free New Years Pack Update! from 3Dinosaurs
New Year Printables
New Years Pack Update contains over 45 pages that have been added:
(part 3) Fill in the Missing Vowels, Balloons Color by Size & Questions, Count & Color, Ways to add up to 10, Addition & Subtraction Sheets, Hands on Math Sheets, Begging Sound Matching, Word Problems, Read, Trace & Write, Writing Statements, Trace the Letter: C, B, F, Fill in the Missing Numbers, Color by Addition, Color the Same, Acrostic Poems, Count Down to New Years

Tot Pack 2 contains 25 pages:
Solid Line Prewriting, Dashed Line Prewriting, Which One is Different, Circle the Small Clocks, Color the Large hats, Color the party Hat, Matching Pages, Shape Tracing, Dot the Letter: C, B, F, Clock Lacing Card




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Happy New Year

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New Year’s Reflections

Looking back on the months gone by,
As a new year starts and an old one ends,
We contemplate what brought us joy,
And we think of our loved ones and our friends.
Recalling all the happy times,
Remembering how they enriched our lives,
We reflect upon who really counts,
As the fresh and bright new year arrives.
And when I ponder those who do,
I immediately think of you.
Thanks for being one of the reasons I’ll have a Happy New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs

Happy Holidays

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Wishing all our family and friends a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous 2009