Pregnancy Update

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I started having contractions on Thursday night and MAN were they sore and by the time we got to the hospital they were 8 minutes apart (we live 23km from the hospital where Fifi will be born and where Noo had his surgeries).  They stopped the contractions by Friday morning.  I had to go onto a ventolin (sp?) drip and got a pethidine and atterax shot (which burns like acid) to help me sleep.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well at all, I had a woman in labour next to me and I swear she was screaming through every contraction (she was still in labour when I left at 11 on Friday morning).

Anywho.  This morning I went to see my gynae at his rooms for a scan and Madam is doing very well, so well in fact that she is weighing in at 2.69kgs and is measuring in at 37.4weeks (I was 34 weeks at that appointment).  Koko weighed 2.63kgs at birth (36 weeks). The doc said she is going to be one big baba, by the time my EDD arrives.  I tried to push for a VBAC, but he said he wasn’t going to risk it with a possible 3.9kg baby.  So we set the c-sec date for 4 Feb.  He said that most of the pain I experienced yesterday was Fifi trying to move and stretch and that I’m in for an extremely uncomfortable ride the next 3 weeks.  I’m now on weekly appointments, so I’ll update here more regularly.