Planning: 2013/2014 Planning and Preparation File

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2013/2014 Planning and Prep File

This year I started the new school year all prepared and ready for the year. I think for the first time ever I’m really prepared for everything that needs to be done this coming year.

I decided to take a Flip File and make a planning binder to keep all my thing together. I usually put everything into our curriculum box and end up searching every time I need to do my admin.

My Manual, Daily Activity Record, Administration Guide and the new Planning and Preparation File are kept in this plastic file box next to the bookshelf by my desk. My check lists get updated at the end of every week. Its working really well for me so far and I’m feeling so much more organised and less stressed than I have since we started homeschooling 5 years ago.

This is what’s in the Planning and Preparation File
 photo IMG_7494_zps3d4a9672.jpg

2013/2014 School terms (These coincide with the Government schools so that we are on holiday [vacation] the same time as Noo) and circle time schedule.
 photo IMG_7495_zps261e0dea.jpg

The lyrics of all the songs we sing during circle time.
 photo IMG_7496_zps2d1a1c68.jpg

Curriculum correspondence
Pg 3 photo IMG_7497_zps1bbd2c37.jpg

Koko’s Grade 1 documentation:
Pg 4 photo IMG_7498_zps875cad22.jpg

2013/2014 Monthly Theme preparation sheet and Attendance Register
Pg 5 photo IMG_7499_zpsef2eb1d1.jpg

My check lists:
Admin/Book/Worksheet Checklist
Pg 6 photo IMG_7500_zps250ae3ed.jpg

Reading Book Checklist 1
Pg 7 photo IMG_7501_zps10a924f1.jpg

Reading Book Checklist 2
Pg 9 photo IMG_7502_zpse7be0a6e.jpg

Continuous Assessment Worksheets (Terms 1 – 4)
Pg 9 photo IMG_7503_zps51e2fca7.jpg

Fifi’s PreK documentation:
Pg 10 photo IMG_7504_zpsbeb5f470.jpg

My check lists:
Preschool Pack Planning and Preperation Sheet and Workbook/Worksheet Check list
Pg 11 photo IMG_7505_zpsb9ebeba3.jpg

Letter of the Week Curriculum Check List
 photo IMG_7507_zpsbb9514f9.jpg

Pixie’s Totschool Documentation:
 photo IMG_7508_zps0cc2dc81.jpg

2013/2014 Totschool Theme & Tray Prep sheet
 photo IMG_7509_zps4cd9ed4c.jpg