Our *new* school room

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We currently live in a tiny townhouse and don’t have much space, we have been doing school in our living room at our dining room table. I did not like this set up as we couldn’t entertain. I have moved all the school stuff, except the circle time goodies which will stay where they are, to the main bedroom. We only sleep in there, and there was an entire wall that I could use for my book shelf and an antique writing desk my Hubby inherited from his Dad which the boys will now be using when they do school.

Our School Wall

This wall is at the foot of our bed.

The antique writing desk which Noo will use during his lessons (I’m still finding a home for Noo’s Workboxes). Koko will work at his little blue table during his preschool lessons. *text and previous photo removed on request of my hubby*

Our spare bookshelf with our story books on the middle shelf, board games and puzzles on the top shelf and the bottom shelf (which is currently being used for our big files) will, by the end of this week, house all of Fifi’s structured play activities for the week.

Click here to see Fifi’s structured play activities.


Re-organising my blog

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I’m in the process of re-organising and general maintenance on my blog. Keep an eye out for my new features which include a really cool “home made” science experiment list and a new section which *should* be launched in the near future.


Tweaking the Workboxes

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I downloaded these cook Transformer workbox number cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler and Noo LOVES them.

I bought 4 sets of stackable drawers from West Pack on Saturday and set them up this afternoon. Since we don’t have much space for our school area, I’ve had to make do with the space we have. I just love the colour 8)

After every drawer is completed, the second number (on the right) will be removed and placed in the “completed work” shelf along with the work completed, that way we know which boxes have been completed. I have a feeling its going to go so much more smoothly and keep us on track even more than before.

Our *new* workboxes

Planning for Grade 2 has begun

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Since I ordered the Grade 2 curriculum, I started planning our quarterly terms (10 weeks each) and our breaks/holidays. Now that I’ve been homeschooling for a year and I have some sort of idea what to expect from Noo and the curriculum.

Our curriculum arrived on Friday and I’ve been going through the manuals and assessment books to work out the order that the work needs to, and will, be completed next year. I’ve also started our stationery and supply list for our first term.

We officially start Grade 2 on 25 January 2010.

Our schools terms will run as follows:

1st Term: 25/01/2010 – 01/04/2010
2nd Term: 12/04/2010 – 18/06/2010
3rd Term: 05/07/2010 – 10/09/2010
4th Term: 20/09/2010 – 26/11/2010

So we live in a tiny townhouse and there is barely enough space for the 5 of us, we will, hopefully, be moving into a bigger space in March.

Anyway, I decided that our school area needed a facelift.


After. It’s not 100 % done, I still need to buy more storage drawers, but here you at least get an idea. We’ve always done our school work at the dinner table, and it was just taking up way to much space so I put the Book shelf on top of it and made a desk out of it.

I’m busy redoing our workboxes, the shelving on the left of the bookshelf are our current workboxes, but those will be changing to drawers soon.

New resouces

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I’m a planner, or I try to be at least, and in saying so, I like to have lists and check lists for just about everything. With 3 children, I need to plan, or I’ll never get to everything. I think that’s probably why I love the workboxes so much.

I, once again, downloaded some lovely organisational lists and Tot School Assesment’s from Carissa’s 1+1+1=1 Tot School site.

Noo is almost finished with his Teach You Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and we will then start on his curriculum readers. I’m hoping we will get through one a week at least. I also downloaded some new readers from Hubbard’s Cupboard for Noo’s free reading time. I’m going to bind these into a nice book for him. I want to nurture Noo’s love for reading.

PhotobucketI’ve been very busy the last few days creating new types of learning tools for Noo. I came across the “Word Wich” and modified it a tiny bit into a downloadable file available here. I downloaded the template from abcteach.

Because Teach You Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons hasn’t touched on the use of capital letters yet, I’ve decided to create a game using lower case and capital letters. I downloaded a set of each from Kizclub. I’ve cut the lower case letters out and he needs to put the letters on the correct capital letter. This will help him learn the names of the capital letters a fun way. I’ll make a most of this activity as soon as we use it.

PhotobucketI’m in the process of finalising our craft box, so I put a list together and I’m happy to announce that I have 90 % of the supplies that we need. I’ll be going shopping for the balance of the craft supplies we need tomorrow.

Click on the image to download our Craft Box Check List.

The craft box list was typed out on paper from Graphic Garden

And somewhere between this, I’m arranging our wedding, which is going to be in just 15 days time. I’m finally going to marry the man of my dreams.